You know those days that you just feel you literally have nothing to wear, but have a closet full of clothing? Yup, that’s me…. every…single…day. For some reason I have this bad habit of buying things, wearing it once or twice and then feeling like I can’t wear it again. I seriously don’t know what it is, but it is harmful for my wallet lol!

Being a modest dresser makes it a bit of a challenge. Not being able to wear pants, shorts etc and only skirts and dresses at a certain length really do limit you. Especially during certain seasons where everything is shorts and short clothing. That’s probably why I don’t like wearing tons of what’s in my closet because I wear it so often and feel like taking OOTD pictures in a skirt I wore a week before isn’t so interesting. But then I realized…. we can change up how a bottom or top looks by pairing it with new accessories, purses, etc. Issue is, as much as I say that, I find it hard to do! Maybe because I love shopping and wanting new things!

Now here’s another issue. Many times, I change a trillion times before I leave the house because for some reason, whatever I am wearing, I just feel ugly in. Weird, as clothing really has nothing to do with facial appearance, but I just get that feeling. Anyone else feel that way? Please tell me I am not alone lol!! For instance, anything really high neck, like covering my collarbone area I feel is not flattering for me or my face. Maybe it is because I have a long neck. But its really annoying as there is so many high neck tops, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to wear them.

Bottom line is, I need to work on myself and my existing clothing in my closet.
Maybe a good thing to start is pre-arranging my OOTD’s a few days in advance for the coming days (another issue, I already pre-arrange the night before and next morning I’m like “Nah”…UGH!).
Ok, I guess this pre-arranging days in advance gonna be a late new years resolution!

Ohh! PS – I cut one of my long brown wigs (as I have another exactly the same). Let me know what you think! Side note as I just wrote this and it came to my mind, hair plays a large role in OOTD’s, but then again, I sometimes don’t like the hair I’m wearing LOL. Seriously, its a never ending issue with me!

Posted by:The Stylish Mommy

Mommy of 3 girls and I blog about all things Life with kids as well as hints of Fashion and Beauty. If you get to know me, I’m a fun and silly person to be around who loves having a good time. But yes, I have my flaws and suffer from anxiety and want to help others who suffer as well. And when I’m in need of therapy, I turn to shopping. Who doesn’t!?

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