Bon Drop Earrings!

You know that feeling when something has finally arrived in the mail that you have been impatiently waiting for? Well, these black and white stripe Bon Drop Earrings from Bitz of Glitz are that thing!  (I also received a gorgeous Bon Drop Earring in Coral which will be a later post).

I instantly fell in LOVE with these earrings because for one, they’re black and white which I love those colors. Secondly, they have stripes! Totally a trend! Thirdly, they can be dressed up or down! Not all earrings have that ability! I love that I can wear it with a casual jean skirt outfit, but then also wear it with a tight black dress for a night out.

The weight of the earrings are great as well. They’re not too heavy, so you’re not feeling your ears being pulled down which is a big plus for me! I hate when I can feel my jewelry, but these, let me tell you, are a keeper!

I’m linking where you can get these exact earrings as well as the whole collection!
Click HERE for the black and white stripe Bon Drop Earrings
Click HERE for the Bon Drop Collection
(Main website –
(Instagram – @bitzofglitz)

Below are pictures of me rocking these gorgeous earrings!

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