Thanks to Statusphere, I was able to test our 2 Freeman Beauty Masks!

I received both the Polishing Charcoal and Black Sugar Gel Mask and Scrub and the Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask.

Ok, so I tried both. And I like both. But I am going to break down the goods and some of the little cons I had.

Polishing Charcoal and Black Sugar Gel Mask and Scrub:
This is meant to detox your pores and clear pores for renewed skin. When they say gel and sugar, they mean gel and sugar! Putting it on was quick and easy aside from the fact a little bit of the sugar fell off during the act. It does stay on though once it is on. I loved the fact that during my 7-10 minutes with it on, it didn’t make my face feel tight. I am not a fan of the tightness if you know what I mean. It also doesn’t have much of a scent which I honestly don’t mind because some products have scents that aren’t the prettiest. After your time is up, you wash it off by using it like a scrub which is perfect as its double the action – mask and scrub. The only downside was it made my skin a little pink. Not much, and it did fade. But it is a tad rough when scrubbing as there is sugar, so be more gentle if you have sensitive skin like me. Overall, I love this mask and plan on using it consistently!

Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask:
This is meant to help clear the skin and clean the pores as well. This mask goes on so easily when applied and evenly as well without having to take time to get it all on properly. And trust me when I say a little goes a long way with this mask. You really don’t need so much to get all of your beautiful face covered. This mask has more of a little bead feeling like those bead face washes. This also has a nice smell, very subtle and like cucumbers, yum! One thing I noticed while it was on was a slight tingle/burn sensation? I am not sure if that is supposed to happen, but I did feel it. Maybe it was clearing out the plenty pores I have! Also, it tightened up my face, but makes sense since its clay and that is what clay does when it dries on your face. All in all though, I was very happy as this made my skin very smooth after washing off.

So in my honest opinion, I love these masks and would recommend them to those who want beautiful skin!

Below are links for the products:

Polishing Charcoal and Black Sugar Gel Mask and Scrub:

POLISHING charcoal + black sugar

Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask:

REJUVENATING cucumber + pink salt

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