You can only imagine how stunned I was when I opened up my email to see Dyson had contacted me wanting to send me their Pure Cool Fan! This was probably the biggest collaboration I have ever received, so I was very excited.

Dyson mailed me their new Pure Cool Purifying Fab TP04 in white and silver. This was a perfect choice as my home is mainly whites and grays!

When it arrived just a few days after our emails back and forth, I had straight away opened the large box. At first I thought ‘oh no, this is gonna take me forever to set up.’ But luckily, set up was quick and easy! Only about a few minutes, if that! All I had to do was attach the filters (2) to both doors and then attach it to the fan itself and plug it in. It also came with a remote you can use to turn it on and off and for other features. Not only that, you can also download the app ‘Dyson Live App’ and use that as your controller.

Now for those asking ‘what is the purpose of this fan?’ I was amazed at the answer myself as I have never heard of such a product!

The fan itself senses and captures pollution found in the air in your home. It then projects filtered air throughout the entire room by using an air multiplier technology which mixes and circulates the air to reach every corner. Basically, you’re starting to breathe in clean air rather then all the toxins from all the products we use (such as makeup and cleaning supplies) and gas from outside etc. Having this fan let’s me feel more at ease knowing at least the air I breathe at home is cleaner then the outside air. (The fan strength can be lowered or upped according to your liking).

Now, if the fan senses there are harmful particles in the air, it sends out reports on your screen. There are photo icons and each icon means a different type of pollutant that has been picked up. It then traps it in it’s sealed filtration system and let’s back out purified air.

I have been using this fan daily ever since I received it. So far, no harmful particles or substances have been reported (which is amazing!). And I love the feeling of knowing the air in my home is being monitored and cleaned by the Dyson Pure Cool.

To some, this fan may seem like a silly idea, but I highly recommend it. Think of all the gas and harmful chemicals we breathe daily when leaving our homes and being outdoors. That air comes into our home as well every time we open the doors (not to mention chemicals used inside the home). This fan takes care of that. We can’t control the air we breathe outside, but we can control the air we breathe inside our home.

**The Dyson Purifiers are certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America**

Below are images of my Dyson Pure Cool!

CLICK HERE for my Dyson Pure Cool

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