Easy Beauty Tips for the Busy Mommy!

Being a mom isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to taking care of ourselves. By the time we are done dealing with our kids, home chores and a long list of other duties, we tend to get too tired to take some time to use on ourselves. All we want to do is just go to bed and sleep. And when morning rolls around again, we have no time for ourselves as we are dealing with the kids, breakfast, and the rest of things to check off on the never ending mom list.

But being a mom doesn’t mean we can’t take care of ourselves! When taking care of ourselves, not only does it help us look and feel good, but it also helps us as mothers be able to continue with our mom duties in a positive mindset. So yes, taking care of ourselves is a healthy lifestyle in the Mommy-ing world.

Below is a list I have compiled to make taking care of yourself in the morning as easy as possible by using some beauty products (since mornings/daytime is when we most likely run out). These are what I use on the daily and what I would use quickly before running out if I had no time to spare (3minutes!). I mean, we mommies need to look and feel good EVERYDAY!

  • No time to do fancy foundation applications? Fret not. Why not find yourself a tinted moisturizer? Maybe see if the brand of moisturizer you currently use (if you use one AND YOU SHOULD) carries a line of tinted moisturizers. You get so MANY benefits out of one little product – moisturizer for your delicate skin, protection from the sun (as most tinted moisturizers contain SPF) and a bit of makeup coverage! Even better, you can go for a CC Cream that is all that but also has skin benefits such as anti-aging serums in them!
  • Hair – Oh yes, many have this issue. Especially when it comes to oily hair. Get yourself a dry shampoo! These instantly refreshen and volumize your hair. Taking good care of you hair is just as important as taking care of your skin.
  • Get yourself a brow pencil, or gel. Or anything for the brows. Having nice looking brows overall makes you look put together.
  • MascaraThis is my favorite! I feel you can wear mascara without any other eye make and still look like a million bucks. No need for eye liners or eye shadows. Just a couple coats of mascara and voila!
  • Most importantly, a lipstick, gloss, anything for the lips that you like. Can be a neutral color or even bright. Depends on what you like. But I find without color on my lips, I look like death and just adding that color makes me look alive!

Now, for the evenings as that is the most important time of day for your skin as its been through so much during the day, I recommend using a mask twice a week. This makes your skin feel and look like new. Yes, sometimes 10 minutes of mask time is hard because you’re tired, but it is very crucial to take care of your skin because it is hard to get it back once it starts aging. And the one product I feel every woman should use every night (and morning too) is a serum. Those are the best! I actually use organic cold pressed rose hip seed oil as my serum because of all its benefits (google it!).

But seriously, don’t cut yourself short when it comes to your skin. Make sure to wash it daily with a great cleanser and then use toner so your skin doesn’t get dry (before doing the above mask and serum). And I’m sure you use a moisturizer already, and if you don’t, THEN GET ONE! Because at night, you can spare a few extra minutes to take care of yourself as opposed to those rushed mornings. Plus, your skin will look amazing the following morning!

There you have it! A short and sweet list of the main beauty products you should own (if you don’t already). Just these little things on the daily can make you look great and feel amazing. And you deserve to feel amazing because you’re an amazing mommy!

Save for Later, PIN IT!

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