I know I have mentioned plenty times how I LOVE Pixie by Petra, but I was so excited to receive their PR Package which included their entire Rose Collection! Firstly, everything from this line smells so, so good! Secondly, the packaging is just too pretty! I have literally been using these products ever since I received them in the mail and love how they have been making my skin look and feel. If you have sensitive skin, then this brand is for you! So instead of boring you all, I am going to go one by one and let you know what I think of each product!

Rose Cream Cleanser: This cleanser not only has rose, but also includes both chamomile and aloe vera which is great for the skin as well as avocado to condition the skin. This is more like a clay cleanser as it’s mineral rich with mud. It doesn’t lather up at all, and sometimes I can’t tell if I am cleaning my face LOL. But I am, and it makes my skin feel so soft afterwards. It doesn’t make your skin feel tight/dry after cleansing which for me is good because my skin tends to do that after washing it. This product is supposed to help strengthen the skin, so that’s a plus! I would recommend this wash, but just remember it doesn’t lather up or get soapy like other face washes. ($18.00)

Rose Ceramide Cream: Let me start of by saying, this is my current holy grail! I seriously love this cream! It makes my skin feel so refreshed and soft as it is very moisturizing. With this cream, a little goes a really freaking long way. I use this daily in the morning and at night. It just makes my skin look and feel even which I love as I have textured skin. It deeply hydrates for more smooth and supple skin. This cream has antioxidants rich in botanicals to help improve the skins elasticity against environmental aggressors. I would DEFINITELY recommend this product to anyone in the market for a good moisturizer! ($24.00)

Makeup Melting Cleanising Cloths: For makeup wipes, these wipe pretty well. And it did not burn my eyes like some other makeup wipes do. Also, the cloth is more soft than rough, so that’s good too! I loved these wipes, it is worth a try if you’re into your makeup removers! ($10.00)

Rose Tonic: First, let me start off by saying I LOVE all of Pixi’s tonics. This one is just as good as the Glow Tonic which I am a huge fan of. It smells so good and I love how soft and smooth it makes my skin feel. This toner helps to tone, balance ph and calm redness as well as neutralizing the skin. And love that it is rich in nutrients. So healthy for the skin! Recommend for sure, especially if you need a toner or are in the market for a good one! ($15-29.00)

Rose Oil Blend: This! OMG, seriously the best facial oil. I use it daily, mornings and nights. It makes my skin feel soft and nourished.I love how healthy my skin feels from using it. My skin has been more glow-y ever since starting it and that’s amazing considering I have dull skin. It smells just like roses as well and product smells are very important to me. My mom also started using this oil and she is picky, but so far she has been liking this one!  This oil includes probiotics to perfect and balance the skin, so makes sense my skin has definitely been looking so much more better since using it. It contains youth preserving oils like sweet almond, rose hip, jojoba and pomegranate seed. It also has rose geranium oils which nourish the complexion and adds hydration and glow. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FACIAL OIL! ($24.00)

Rose Flash Balm: This is the second time I received this exact item and I am glad I did! It has multiple uses all in 1 bottle which I love. It acts as a primer by making my skin feel smooth so that it’s the perfect canvas for applying makeup. It is also great as a daily moisturizer and as a mask you leave on. All three of these uses make it so worth it. Basically it moisturizers and brightens, acts as a revitalizing mask and preps and primes. What more can you ask for from one product?!  RECOMMEND, Seriously y’all! ($24.00)

Rose Caviar Essence: This is just like a serum! I love how it has little pieces of rose petals in it. This product is very hydrating and has antioxidant rich oils which soften, refine and tone the skin. It delivers botanicals to hydrate and restore the skin by brightening it for optimum radiance. I love it for night time and the Rose Flash Balm for mornings. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good serum, but less oily. ($24.00)

Makeup Fixing Mist: I love this one and it smells good unlike the others! It makes my makeup last a long time and doesn’t feel sticky as sometimes setting sprays do when they’re drying. I used this at Disney and it lasted me all day and my makeup still looked great at the end of the day after all the walking, rides and sweat! Go get yourself this makeup setting spray if you need one! ($15.00)

Rose Glow Mist: Love this just as much as the Makeup Fixing Mist. Smells so good and feels so good on the skin. It is a dual phase elixir packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants which leaves the skin with a natural glow. It also helps to moisturize the skin and improve its elasticity as well as provide free radical protection. There are 3 oils in this mist: Rose Oil helps moisturize and protect the skin, Argan Oil hydrates and smooths the skin and Avocado Oil is an excellent source of fatty acids and antioxidants. Need a good spray for refresh?! Definitely opt for this one! ($15.00)

In all, I honestly love this brand. Never had an issue with their products on my skin. If anything, it helped my skin out. And I also love that it doesn’t have any harsh ingredients or chemicals – it’s a clean beauty brand. So head on over to your local Target and grab a product or two.. or more! You’ll thank me 🙂

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