Anyone who is a parent knows that they don’t want their kid swearing, AKA: saying bad words. Shit, if I was so careful about not swearing in front of my kids, I’d be one quiet mother! Sometimes, okay MANY TIMES, it is just so hard to not swear. A car on the road pisses me off, I stub a toe, the food burns, and all the rest of that crap. And then you start hearing “Oh Shit!” or “You F^?£ing Idiot!” My kids at the sound of the cursing just giggle and think it’s the funniest while I’m in a heated moment not wanting to hear the giggles because for some reason, now I’m a pissed mom LOL.

Swearing in front of my kids

I admit, I swear in front of my girls. I do. My parents did with me when I was a kid, but in Hebrew. But still, same shit, right? But I always say to them like my parents said to me “I’m allowed to curse and you’re allowed to hear it, just DO. NOT. REPEAT.” Now do they listen? I know my oldest does, she’s seriously a goody goody. My youngest? She’s a whole different breed. Some days I catch her trying to say shit or her sister saying “Mom!!! Adina is saying a bad word!” Ummm, I can’t get that mad at her because in all reality, it’s my damn fault she’s saying shit LOL.

Let me get this straight, if your kids are going to know curse words, wouldn’t you want them to know it through you and not someone random like a friend or from a TV show or something? That way if they hear it from me, they’ll know right away because I’ll tell them “DO NOT REPEAT.” Hearing it elsewhere just seems worse and they’ll for sure wind up repeating it.

Swearing in front of my kids

Don’t get me wrong, swearing in front of my kids wasn’t something I always did. It’s been more the last few years. You know why? Because I felt like it LOL and I knew they were old enough to understand that they’re bad words. Also, I just couldn’t contain myself any longer and the curse words just started pouring out. Plus, I think I read somewhere that those who curse are genuine people. I want my kids to know that swearing in front of them means I’m genuine. And yes, I’ve told them that before! Haha!

As Sarah Rosensweet said to Global News website: “Swearing helps relieve pain. Real emotions like anger, pain and fear need and deserve to be expressed honestly and fully. Children not only grasp this concept, they need to see real emotion and expression so they can learn how to deal with it.” She also mentions though that swearing in front of kids is personal preference. If you want to, go ahead. If you don’t, then don’t.

Also, Cognitive Scientist Benjamin Bergen said: “The use of fleeting expletives doesn’t have any impact at all on their well-being, on their socialization… as far as we can tell.” So basically y’all, it’s all how you feel about it. To me, there is no right or wrong and some may disagree and say it’s COMPLETELY WRONG to do. But everyone has their own opinions, and that’s totally okay.

Nowadays, it’s common that many believe that those who swear (and swear around their kids) is because they are lacking education and intelligence. PEOPLE! This is NOT true. There is a study where it’s thought that those who curse actually have a larger vocabulary. Dr. Jay told Medical Daily “Taboo or ‘swear word’ fluency is positively correlated with overall verbal fluency.” Swearing is part of ones emotional intelligence and all about how and when to use these words.

Swearing in front of my kids

If you want, go ahead and google swearing in front of kids and see how many things come up. Yes, of course there will be sites saying NO NO NO and then there will be sites like the couple listed above that say a bit otherwise. Of course everyone does as they please, but try not to judge those who are swearing and even so around their kids because in all reality, those kids are probably not repeating. I feel that kids who hear swearing from their parents and know the words know it is wrong and won’t say them as much as opposed to children who may hear it from others or TV etc. It’s like rebellion, if that makes sense?

To me, swearing in front of my kids is no HUGE deal. Obviously it’s better not to, but I’m not going to kill my self over it when an F-bomb lands or if I decide to say SHIT because I needed to in the moment. As long as parents explain to their kids these swear words are not nice and to not be repeated, I’m sure they will listen (as much as they can). Don’t forget, they’re growing year by year and there actually will come an age where they will start to swear and no, you won’t really be able to stop them. Just don’t tell my husband about this post LOL, joking! But he honestly hates when I swear. Oh well, I can’t always control it!

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Mommy of 3 girls and I blog about all things Life with kids as well as hints of Fashion and Beauty. If you get to know me, I’m a fun and silly person to be around who loves having a good time. But yes, I have my flaws and suffer from anxiety and want to help others who suffer as well. And when I’m in need of therapy, I turn to shopping. Who doesn’t!?

5 replies on “Swearing In Front of My Kids: Why I do

  1. This is all so true for me. I have always been one to cuss. My dad was Army, and boy could he string together some amazing combinations of swear words. The boys in my neighborhood loved it when they got to hear this. I am not quite so talented, but I come by it honestly. My boys have heard it all, and they also know not to repeat. Although, now they are all teens or older, so I know they for sure cuss when I’m not around. They’ve heard me and grandpa, so I’m sure they are quite talented in this as well:)

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    1. Thanks for sharing! Yes, it’s hard not being around swear words and honestly, it’s not the “worst” thing. Obviously kids should know not to repeat, but they’ll know them one day. So rather they hear it from us moms! But too funny about them probably swearing when not around you, they are teens after all 😉


  2. This is an interesting read for me especially since I’m not much of a swearer and not a parent, yet. It is certainly something to think about as my husband and I decide the kinds of parents we want to be.


    1. Yes, it’s definitely something each does as they feel. For instance, my husband hates when I swear around the kids. But sometimes, I can’t control it lol. But when I do swear I right away tell my kids that they are not allowed to repeat. Honestly, they’ll learn it one way or another. Before I swore, my kids at 3 were saying stupid because they heard it elsewhere. They tend to repeat often what others said opposed to what I say. But each parents differently and there is no wrong way 🙂

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