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As the Holiday Season approaches, many may be wondering what to get their kids or family/friends kids as gifts. Instead of trying to figure out what gifts for kids to get, this gift guide will help ease the stress and make shopping easier and more enjoyable. The following toys are sure to be a favorite for many and are a must-buy for the holidays!

Rebecca Doll and Book from American Girl Doll

What young girl doesn’t want an American Girl Doll? I know my girls are obsessed and this was their #1 gift choice for last year, not to mention, the Rebecca Doll this year! The Rebecca Doll is dressed in a 1914 style outfit with gorgeous curls and hazel eyes. Rebecca is American Girl’s 1914 Jewish character from New York, so she comes with the most beautiful Hanukkah outfit!

Not only that, but she also comes with a Sabbath set which includes Hallah’s (the traditional braided bread) and a parlor table which has the Sabbath candles. These make it perfect for a young girl to create Rebecca’s own Sabbath as well as a Hanukkah setting. Rebecca also has a set of two adorable kittens. The kittens are by far my girls’ favorite accessory as they’re so cute!

The Rebecca Doll is a great Holiday gift for any Jewish girl out there for the upcoming holiday season and is sure to put a smile on any girls face like it does to mine. American Girl Doll does have other dolls other than Rebecca for the holidays, so be sure to check them all out!

To purchase the Rebecca Doll and Book, click, HERE
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A Build-A-Bear is a great Holiday gift for this season! Especially with all the new ones out, any kid will love them. These stuffed animals are different than any others around. This is because different clothing and accessories can be purchased for them just like for any other doll. Not to mention, they can even be customized with a specific scent chosen or sounds. They are also soft and fluffy and a great companion to any kid who is a fan of furry friends.

The Build-A-Bear we have is the Pink Sparkle Llamacorn set. It comes with the most sparkly and glitzy outfit and shoes, even bows. Not only that, but even its fluffy fur has sparkles within it! My girls are seriously obsessed with this Build-A-Bear and may be fighting over it from time to time!

Thinking of getting a Build-A-Bear as a gift for kids? Get $5 off your purchase of $25.00 or more with code ‘BEARYMERRY’ at buildabear.com or at your nearest Build-A-Bear workshop! Some exclusions apply, see full details at http://www.buildabear.com/offers.

To purchase a Build-A-Bear, click HERE, To purchase the Pink Sparkle Llamacorn gift set, click HERE
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Stripe PomPom Beanie from Justice

Firstly, both my girls are OBSESSED with Justice, so its a no brainer when it comes to purchasing from this store! This knit beanie is perfect for the winter weather and a great gift for kids this holiday season, especially because of the pompoms! It also comes in a variety of colors.

This stripe pompom beanie has a large fluffy pompom on the top of it giving it a trendy flair. The knit beanie fits snug and is soft making it cozy for the cold weather. It also has sparkles allover it making it so glitzy. Basically, this is the beanie you to get for that girl in your life!

To purchase the Stripe PomPom Beanie, click HERE
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Jakks Toys

Chocolate Poop Maker

The new toy trend nowadays has to do with ‘poop’ and kids love this! With this Chocolate Poop Maker, kids can make their own chocolate poops by melting chocolate, ‘flushing’ it down the toilet, pouring it into molds and then refrigerating them. What is amazing about this toy is that any cooking chocolate can be used, not just the package provided. This is definitely a funny yet fun gift to give kids this holiday season.


The Gigantosaurus Giganto figure is a great toy for those adventurous 3-year-olds (and older of course!). With a simple touch of a button, kids can make the mouth of the Gigantosaurus make roaring sounds. It also stomps making stomping sounds! The Gigantosaurus Giganto figure was actually created by the inspiration of one of the top animated programs for preschoolers. This toy is perfect for both boys and girls as a holiday gift this season.

To purchase the Chocolate Poop Maker, click HERE | To Purchase the Gigantosaurus Giganto, click HERE
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Leading the Way: Women In Power Book

The Leading the Way: Women in Power Book is a wonderful gift for kids, especially girls. This book presents historical women in politics who serve as role models for the younger generation and highlights their actions, struggles, and accomplishments. It will help inspire other girls out there to follow in their footsteps as well as spark their interest in politics and leadership roles.

The book focuses on the achievements of 50 women in major areas of interest rather than political lean or party they are affiliated with. A few women in this book are Jeannette Rankin, Bella Abzug, and Sandra Day O’Connor. A trailer of the book can be seen HERE prior to purchasing in order to get a feel of what the book is all about.

To purchase Leading the Way: Women in Power Book, click HERE
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All the products listed above are great holiday gift ideas for kids. Be sure to check them all out and purchase them while you are at it! You and the kid(s) you get them for will not be disappointed!

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