Ever since having Zahava, I have been non-stop shopping for her. And this is for both clothes and pajamas. I’m seriously OBSESSED! I feel sorry for my husband who probably wants to kill me by now LOL! I’m bad because she has so much clothes, it’s hard to get her to make use of everything!

Below I am going to share baby shops to check out for baby clothes where I have purchased from and LOVE (these are not typical shops you can go to – they’re online and small shops.) I’ll also be sharing photos so you can see just how cute they are on Zahava. There are definitely more shops than the ones I am sharing, but I have yet to test them out. I’ll keep y’all posted on that!

*All Instagram accounts will be linked to each shop. All information as far as website and more will be there! Also, this post is NOT sponsored. Honest opinions only as well as no affiliate links / codes.

Lil Legs Baby

Lil Legs Baby has amazing baby clothes for your little one! From pajamas to bodysuits and leggings, they are amazing! Always on trend with current popular colors! I also love how they’re fitted! Sometimes, some brands are not fitted.

Lil Legs Baby over the years has perfected its fit and fits each and every baby perfectly regardless of their size! I love everything from them and constantly going back for more! A definite must for your little ones! Not to mention, for toddlers and kids too!

Check out Lil Legs Baby’s Instagram account HERE!

Both leggings and bodysuit are Lil Legs Baby and perfect fit!

Lucy Lue Organics

Lucy Lue Organics pieces are so soft! I got their joggers and long sleeve overall and love them both! I also love that their clothing are made of organic material. Plus, it is a husband and wife shop, so shop small is a must! You can use code THESTYLISHMOMMY10 through May 1st for 10% off your order!

Check out Lucy Lue Organics Instagram account HERE!

Look how flipping cute and fitted these baby joggers are from Lucy Lue Organics

Solly Baby

Are you a fan of pajamas like me? Then you must check out Solly Baby! Their pajamas are so, so soft and they have the cutest prints! One of my favorite brands for little ones pajamas! Plus love that they’re 2 piece and are footed up until size 3-6 months to keep their little toes warm!

Check out Solly Baby’s Instagram account HERE!

As you can see, adorable prints!

Plain Jane

Plain Jane is another amazing brand for baby pajamas. They’re also sister companies with Solly Baby! Makes sense 😉 I love how their pajamas are so soft and thin and breathable. They’re not footed so it’s so adorable having a little one with their cute feet out. A definite must have! PS – my older daughter in the photo is also wearing a pajama outfit from Plain Jane!

Check out Plain Janes Instagram account HERE!

Plane Jane pajamas, adorable!

Toey Baby Clothes

Toey Baby Clothes are so so soft! I got their joggers and bodysuit and they’re so cute on! The sizing also goes by the little ones height and I love that idea! They also carry pajamas as well. Check them out for sure! Use code STYLISHMOMMY15 for 15% off through March 31st!

Check out Toey Baby Clothes Instagram account HERE!

As you can see, fit is perfect and the soft fabric shows!

Kind and Nature

Looking for clothing you can’t find anywhere else? Kind and Nature is your shop to check out! They’re so cute and oversized and I just love them! I have a few things from them and waiting for their new release to get more! Use code SARAHK15 for 15% off your order!

Check out Kind and Nature’s Instagram account HERE!

As you can see, oversized and so cute!

Lovely Littles Basics

Oh Em Gee! Love Lovely Littles Basics for basics – basically as their brand name says! I absolute love their pieces, especially their ribbed bodysuits and bloomers! They also carry cotton non ribbed which I have to get which is next on my list! Not just for babies, great for toddlers too.

Check out Lovely Littles Basics Instagram account HERE!

Best ribbed bloomers!
Ribbed bloomers and bodysuit

Quincy Mae

Scrolling on Instagram, I found Quincy Mae. Got a few things and they’re adorable! I also love that they sell pieces on Amazon, so I can get them quicker! I love a star print bloomer I have from them and still working on getting her photographed in it LOL! Definitely try them out!

Check out Quincey Maes Instagram account HERE!

Tee and Leggings from Quincey Mae

Rylee and Cru

I found Rylee and Cru on Instagram while scrolling. I saw these harem pants and HAD to have them! Let me just say, they’re so so cute on! I have yet to try more of their clothes, but they’re definitely good quality just by seeing these pants! Plus, they’re for older kids too!

Check out Rylee and Crus Instagram account HERE!

Rylee and Cru harem pants

Orcas Lucille

Orcas Lucille I found on Instagram and I love how unique this shop is! I got a ruffled sleeve bodysuit and I’m seriously in LOVE. The quality is amazing and love the color and print! I’m definitely going back for more!

Check out Orcas Lucilles Instagram account HERE!

Ruffle sleeve body suit. Love the tan color ruffles with dark blue stripes!

Mebie Baby

I’ve only ordered once from Mebie Baby, but I love what I got! I got adorable joggers which are not too thick or thin and just perfect. I also have a long sleeve ribbed bodysuit from them which I have yet to get a picture of her in, but this shop is a great one to check out!

Check out Mebie Baby’s Instagram account HERE!

Right the joggers are so cute!?

Monica and Andy

Monica and Andy always have those unique prints brands don’t usually make. Like pizza and donuts! I got their bears print and it’s so adorable and so gender neutral! I also love how soft they’re pieces are! A definite must have in your littles closet.

Check out Monica and Andy’s Instagram account HERE!

Two piece bear outfit

Liza Jane Co

You know those small shops, but the ones that make custom hand made pieces? Yup, Liza Jane Co is that shop! I got a custom piece made for Zahava from her and OMG! The materials she uses are so soft and she gets the sizing perfect and down to the T! I absolutely love this piece she made me and recommend her for any custom pieces needed!

Check out Liza Jane Co’s Instagram account HERE!

And that open back, so cute!!

Baby Barn Organics

I got Zahava a baby track suit from Baby Barn Organics and it’s so adorable! Like for adults, just mini size! I haven’t yet put it on her as it’s a little big, but it’ll be perfect for when we go to London this coming April! Use code SARAH10 for 10% off your order!

Check out Baby Barn Organics Instagram account HERE!

Merigold color baby track suit!

As you can see, all these baby shops to check out have the cutest clothing! I assure you all the above info and reviews are 100% real and I’m not just saying it. This post is not sponsored and the discount codes shared are because the brands who gave one know I am making this post after trying out their clothes and offered a code for you all! Take advantage of it!

I am still checking out other brands and may bring a part 2 post, but that may not be for a few more months. And if anyone’s significant other wants to kill them for buying more baby clothes because this post, please don’t throw me under the bus LOL! Enjoy!

Save for later, PIN IT!

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