I’ve become more of a mom who likes simpler and unique toys. I’m not a big fan of too many flashing lights and busy toys where the baby can’t figure out what they want to do first. I know for my babe, it’s hard for her to focus on one thing with these types of toys. Of course I still buy the simpler of these toys and don’t think they’re not good toys, but there are definitely different non-store bought baby toys we love more!

Lately, I have taken a liking to wooden / Montessori type of toys as well as one of a kind dolls. On top of that, these toys are more unique as many are handmade or not sold in usual stores people shop at for toys.

Kop Below I am rounding up 6 baby toys that we love that I have purchased and think you’ll love – plus the babe loves them! **This post includes affiliate links**

6 Baby Toys We Love

Wooden Stacking Rainbow Toy

I have been searching for the longest time to find a rainbow stacking toy I loved. Only because there was a specific color scheme I wanted, and I hate too bright! I finally found this one and linked a VERY similar one below as well!

I love the rainbow stacking toy because it’s like a puzzle, but a 3D type. My little one loves this and plays with the pieces, but isn’t quite there yet with stacking them. What’s also great about the toy is it makes the room pretty when put away!

To purchase a similar Wooden Stacking Rainbow toy, click HERE. Do note there are many others to chose from and different shops sell them!

Wooden Toy Camera

Like the rainbow stacking toy, this camera toy is also wooden! And I LOVE the fact it has a strap for when she gets older to play “photographer” like her mommy. Obviously with this toy (like many others), you need to watch the babe at all times.

I’m just a sucker for any toys that are wooden. It’s more aesthetically pleasing in a playroom when set up nicely on the shelves LOL!

To purchase the Wooden Camera toy, click HERE. Do note there are many others to chose from!

Mermaid Doll

I’m a serious sucker for cute and unique baby dolls! Especially this mermaid one, OMG! This shop also has plenty other styles you can chose from, which may be hard when trying to decide. But I just love the fabric and how different it is from other store bought dolls. This is a definite must have unique doll!

To purchase this Mermaid Doll, click HERE. Do note there are many others to chose from!

Magnetic Wooden Blocks

One day walking around Barnes and Nobles, my mom and I stumbled upon these Magnetic Wooden Blocks. Even so it said from 1 year and up, I wanted to give it a try. Especially since the pieces were not small where she could choke.

Let me just say, I enjoy playing with these LOL! She plays with them too and of course, chews on them. But in all, when I’m with her and build, she constantly is going for my pieces. It also helps at a young age while building to not get frustrated as building things with blocks do fall and break because these are magnetic. These magnetic wooden blocks keep her busy for sure!

To purchase the Magnetic Wooden Blocks, click HERE. Do note there are different colors and amount of blocks in a package chose from!

Custom Name Puzzle

After having Zahava, I knew I wanted a custom name puzzle for her. I looked around for weeks and debated on which to get and finally decided on the one pictured. The quality is amazing and she loves it for sure. She gets all excited when I bring it to her to play with.

Name puzzles will also last a while. From playing with it at a young age to being a memoir for the child as they get older, this is a must have baby toy!

To purchase the Custom Name Puzzle, click HERE. Do note there are many others to chose from!

Baby Crinkle Tag Toy

Oh the Baby Crinkle Tag Toy! I decided to get this because my baby had taken a liking to tags and sucking on them. Also, because the beautiful print and minky blanket material on the other side of it. PLUS, the fabric part has a crinkle sound that babies love.

Zahava has definitely been a fan of this. Whether it was sucking on the tags or crinkling the actually toy, she loves it.

To purchase this Rainbow Crinkle Tag Toy, click HERE. Do note there are many others to chose from and this exact style may not always be available. Check out the shop for more!

These toys were not sponsored and I paid for them which means they’re definitely toys I love and recommend! The babe loves these toys and she plays with at least 1-2 of them daily, if not more. We switch off which is good because it keeps her interested longer.

I hope this post on 6 baby toys we love was helpful and that you found some new toys for your little one! Let me know in the comments if you have any or purchased any!

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