Placenta Encapsulation. Yup. Many either don’t know about it or don’t agree with it. Many even think it’s so disgusting to ingest their own placenta. It has for centuries and still is being practiced by Traditional and Chinese Medicine (Holistic).

And me? I decided to take mine as capsules, but it was no easy decision to make. It took a bit of back and forth with the expert, I felt I was driving her nuts. I’ll go more into details below.

Placenta Encapsulation

How is Placenta Encapsulation Done?

Usually shortly after birth, the placenta is taken to a place that does Placenta Encapsulation. There, they steam it, dehydrate it and then ground it into a powder. This powder is then put into vitamin sized capsules. Also, the amount of pills made varies from woman to woman as each ones placenta size varies.

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Now, many of the benefits aren’t fully backed up by any scientific study. Just like the risks aren’t. They are mainly thought of according to those who took them and their experiences on taking it. But remember, everyone’s experiences are different. In any case, below are the benefits of taking your own placenta:

  • It increases the hormones Oxytocin which helps the uterus return to its usual size as well as encourages bonding with the infant.
  • It increases CRH – this is a stress reducing hormone.
  • It increases energy level.
  • It decrease Post-Partum Depression levels.
  • It restores the iron level in the blood that a mother loses while bleeding after birth.
  • It increases milk production.

According to my knowledge, the risks aren’t really there. These risk are talking about women who ingest others placentas. But ingesting you’re own is not a risk – given there were no serious complications with the placenta and it’s health during pregnancy.

Placenta Encapsulation

My Experience with Placenta Encapsulation

Believe me, I was nervous doing this and just the thought of ingesting my own placenta. With all the negativity flying around on Google on why one shouldn’t ingest their own placenta, it definitely made me nervous. And I’m so bad with Doctor Google. I kept asking the person who did it for me a million questions and she kept reassuring me it’s safe to take and not to read online because Western Medicine surely doesn’t believe in it, let alone agree with it.

I also knew someone who took it herself so I decided to ask her her thoughts and she straight up said “It was the best F*cking decision I ever made.” That said enough for me. She told me to do it and not be nervous because the benefits are amazing and that she wishes she had more! So I sucked it up and decided to take mine. That’s when I realized when I ran out what she meant by she wishes she had more!

When I first started taking my placenta pills, it sure did feel weird and just the thought was gross. But after a few times, it went away and I was taking them without any nauseating thoughts. It was like taking any other vitamin.

Let me tell you though, I definitely noticed the benefits! I had TONS of energy, even with a newborn! Waking up and doing daily activities with no nap etc. was so easy! I didn’t feel like I even needed to nap with my baby and hardly did! I just felt like I had this constant burst of energy.

I also noticed I had zero anxious thoughts or feelings – which btw I had some degree of anxiety during that pregnancy. With my second I was anxious a few weeks after birth and it sucked. That’s one of the reason I decided to ingest my placenta this time around. I was so happy I did. I was hardly in a bad mood and I was just overall in a good place. I also didn’t feel stressed like I usually do on a daily basis. Weird considering I now have an extra little human being to take care of!

As far as milk production, I can’t tell much here because thankfully I breastfed both my older children too and I never had an issue. But I am confident it did help bring in my milk sooner – about 2 days postpartum.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation

If you ask me, I highly recommend encapsulating your placenta (given the hospital you give birth at lets you take home your placenta if you don’t deliver at a birthing center). It did such wonders for me and I was so happy I took it. For anyone’s sake, don’t read much online about it because you will get a lot of negativity towards it and it may make you change your mind because it almost did to me.

I definitely noticed after I finished them how I wish I had more because my energy levels slowly started declining and my anxiety started coming back slowly. Obviously it’s not a long term fix, but it surely does help in the first month or so when the newborn needs their mother the most! Not saying they don’t after that, but the beginning usually is hardest on the mother and these pills just made it so easy!

Also, with all the blood loss, it’s important the mother gets her iron levels back which the placenta helps! And again, regarding milk production, let’s just say this is most likely true m. Again, I’m not sure as I never in the past had an issue. But many have reported it did help!

Have you ever taken your placenta? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re thinking of taking yours after birth and have some questions, ask away in the comments as well! I am more than happy to respond!

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  1. So maybe I missed it somewhere in here, but how did you find a place to encapyit for you?! I’m about to be a first time mom this November, and would be really open to this. TIA!


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