Back in my 20’s I was always bad about using skincare products to take care of my skin. Some nights I didn’t even remove my makeup and just went to bed with it on. That is a big regret! I was young and thought “I’m young. I don’t need to worry about my skin right now.” Looking back on this mindset, I was SO wrong. I am so upset I didn’t start taking care of my skin when I should have been. Now I have skin damage from the sun and acne (plus more!) that is there to stay. So this is why I decided to write about when you should start a skincare routine.

Skincare routine

What is the Recommended Age to Start a Skincare Routine?

The age recommended to start having a skincare routine and taking all the extra precautions when it comes to your skin is around the ages of 24-28. Even sooner is better! This is actually the best ages when you should start your anti-aging skincare routine. The more one takes care of their skin at a younger age, the less negative effects they have on their skin with age.

The issue is, many ONLY start using a skincare routine when they see damage. Once you see damage, unfortunately it is too late. The damage is done. The reason we want to start using skincare at a younger age is to PREVENT any damages from occurring.

Before the age of 20’s, we create more collagen than we degrade. Once we hit our 20’s, the balance shifts and the amount of collagen we create is less than is degraded. This is why in our 20’s, it is the optimal time to start thinking about a skincare routine in order to keep our skin looking as good and young longer.

Also, a MAJOR common misconception is that those who have clear non-problematic skin do not feel they need to take care of their skin with a routine, but this is simply NOT TRUE!

Skincare routine

The Process of Aging and Reasons Why

Of course though the aging process varies from one person to the next. It is not a one size fits all. Many factors play a role such as ones daily water intake, diet, nutrition, level of exercise, if they smoke, stress levels, sleep quality, alcohol consumption and more. Hell, even genetics play a role and the air outside (thanks pollution!) is harsh on our skin!

Another MAJOR product many people do not use daily is sunscreen. Sun does the most damage when it comes to our skin. From causing wrinkles and gross age (liver) spots, the sun is a dangerous thing. Using a sunscreen daily on our face (and entire body!) of SPF 30 or more is essential. Not only does it protect our skin from aging, but also protects one from getting skin cancer!

How to Take Care of Your Skin with a Skincare Routine

Our skin needs only gentle cleansing morning and night. Nothing really harsh is needed. It also needs hydration, year-round protection from UV lights, antioxidants, and replenishing and restoring ingredients which will be found in skincare products. The key is to customize a skincare routine so that it’s consistency meets the needs of ones current concerns so that it delays future concerns.

Over the years, our routines may change due to different factors such as enlarged pores, wrinkles, dryness, oiliness and more. Skincare routines are always changing for an individual as they age, so learn what your needs are. But one product I found to work for myself and everyone else, better than all those expensive store bought products is in this post HERE.

Skincare routine

Here is what EVERYONE (even including children) should be doing for the basics to start off with:

  1. Wash your face morning and night with a gentle cleanser.
  2. Always apply toner to the skin after washing so that it brings the skin back to its normal PH balance.
  3. During the daytime, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater to the face and neck.
  4. At night, apply a facial moisturizer suitable for all skin types.

After all of the above, figure out what your skin is lacking or needs help with and go with products that meets those needs! And remember, skin constantly changes, so will your skincare routine. So if a product stops working like it used to or you see you need to change it up a bit, make sure you figure out exactly what that is. Your skin will give you clues!

As you can see, taking care of our skin should be done while we are still young. Once it is too late, it is too late. Trust me. Been there, done that. I know I have damage I regret having because I was young and stupid not thinking straight. So I am here to tell anyone who has yet to start a skincare routine to do so ASAP. Your skin will thank you!

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