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Back to school for the 2020-2021 school year for many will be different from the norm. Some schools will be opening while some will be starting with online learning first. Some schools are even dividing the days and kids so that not too many are attending at the same time. But regardless of what the school chooses to do, things won’t quite be the same. Whether children will be in classrooms or doing online classes this new school year, it is still important they get their yearly vision tests done. Once a year, just like annual physicals with their pediatrician.

Back to School with Discount Glasses

This is where Discount Glasses comes to the rescue during this trying time with Covid-19 and the back to school season. There are still many who are too nervous to go out, especially if it is not an emergency such as a vision test. Discount Glasses offers an online vision test for those who need to renew their prescription. How amazing and smart is that? This definitely makes back to school vision tests easier!

And even if you don’t need a vision test for your child if they have recently had one (and for you too!), you can easily order them new glasses from Discount Glasses. All you need to do is upload their prescription and that’s it! With their affordable prices and amazing warranty (more on that below), you’re going to want to get a couple, if not a few!

And what better way to purchase one pair and get a second pair for 30% off?! Use code: BACKUP

Back to school with discount glasses

About Discount Glasses

If you are not familiar with Discount Glasses, they are an optical retailer dedicated to making shoppers look and feel amazing with affordable and trendy, top-quality eye-wear for both children and adults. Call it your one stop shop for the entire families vision needs. They also have competitive prices and amazing customer service. This means, you can be rest assured that when it comes to purchasing from them as returns are always easy and free.

Not only that, but they also offer a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE! And for children, this guarantee is a must as surprises always happen such as breaking them and yes, even losing them! Read their blog post HERE on “Buying Kids’ Glasses Online” for more detailed information!

Blue Light Glasses

Now my girls thankfully do not need vision glasses, but I did decide to get them Blue Light glasses. We got cute frames from Picklez and what is amazing is, if like my girls your children do not need a prescription, you can leave that part out, but chose the Blue Light option. Because lets be real, our children are on electronics more than they have ever been and will especially need them if they will be doing online school. The Blue Light glasses will protect their eyes!

For those not familiar with Blue Light glasses, it is a clear treatment that reduces ones eye-strain by reflecting high-energy blue light indoors and outdoors. It blocks off blue light that is given off from screens and electronics. In turn, this helps reduce any potential damage to the retina from prolonged exposure to blue light. If you want to learn more, you can check out Discount Glasses Blog on “Top 5 Reasons You Need Blue Light Glasses” HERE.

Children’s Eye-Wear at Discount Glasses

As said above, I chose the Picklez brand for my girls glasses as they have such fun colors! This brand also has durable spring hinges and adjustable nose pads. Another brand offered by Discount Glasses for children is the Lunettos. This line is so trendy! And like I mentioned above, Discount Glasses offers amazing warranty for children. Whether the glasses are scratched, broken and yes, even LOST, they have their unparalleled 365-day Kid Friendly Warranty.

Back to school with discount glasses

Parents, remember that it is very important to get your children early eye exams. Many make a common mistake of not taking their children for their yearly eye exams. This can be because their child hasn’t complained about headaches or seeing blurry so they don’t feel their child needs the exam.

Many children don’t know to complain because just like with everything else, vision is learned. Undiagnosed and untreated vision problems (even mild!) can lead to the brain accomodating that problem. This is why early detection and early treatment is essential in order to correct the issue. An eye exam can even detect a slight blur a child may have and not even know. So just like taking your children to their annual physicals for Back to School, get their eyes checked and get them some trendy new eye-wear with Discount Glasses!

Back to school with discount glasses

Be sure to check out Discount Glasses!
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