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Many don’t fully understand the full meaning of “self care.” I’ll break it down for you:

It’s basically doing something not just “for yourself,” but for your mental, physical and emotional well being. As much as this may sound pretty ‘simple,’ it’s not.

{For Example: Moms. They really will benefit from self care. Read more HERE.}

Many don’t always (if at all) have the time for “self care.” This is where the importance of self care comes into play and Bestowe Gifting can help!

Importance of self care with Bestowe gifting

The Importance of ‘Self Care’

Let’s first get some facts straight.

Self care is VERY important. It encourages one to maintain a healthy relationship with themselves. Once they have a healthy relationship with themselves, they can let off those ‘good feelings’ to those around them.

FACT: You can’t help others or care for them properly if you don’t do that for yourself.

And a small reminder: SELF CARE IS NOT SELFISH!

When one pays attention to their own well being, they are reinvigorating themselves so that they can be the best version of themselves. But not just for themselves, also to those around them.

They not only benefit from their renewed joy and energy, but everyone else does too. It’s a domino effect.

Self Care with Bestowe Gifting

Do you know someone who needs to give themselves some time off and indulge in some self care? Bestowe Gifting is there for you and your loved ones!

Bestowe Gifting curates thoughtful and unique gift boxes that will bring joy to anyone who receives them. And besides for carrying a large selection of gift boxes for all occasions, they carry the Wellness Everyday Box which is designed specifically for self care.

The Wellness Everyday Box encourages those around you (or yourself) to take time for themselves. Giftees taking this special time for themselves will transport back to a calmer ground. This box will remind them to focus on their wellness and tranquility throughout their days.

What’s Inside the Wellness Everyday Box

The important of self care with Bestowe gifting

White Woods & Mint Candle: This candle smells absolutely amazing with a scent that is sure to calm ones mind! Lighting this candle during a relaxing bath (or anytime!) will set the mood letting one relax and go back to a more calmer mind.

Brass Candle Snuffed: This little gadget makes putting out a candle so easy! No more fingers or blowing out the candle. Plus, it’s got a chic look, so it adds some decoration to a home!

The importance of self care with Bestowe gifting

Natural Goat Milk Soap: This soap bar is sure to make self care baths relaxing. Plus, it’s gentle enough for all skin types and can be used both for the face and body. And thanks to its ingredients (Honey Almond, Himalayan Salt & Rosemary Peppermint), it smells delicious!

Importance of self care with Bestowe gifting

Natural Agave Washcloth: Being made from the Agave plant, it is amazing at exfoliating the skin. Another great self care product for that relaxing self care bath.

Importance of self care with Bestowe gifting

Noah & Jones Hand Creme: This hand creme has a rich and luxurious formula to nourish dry skin on both the hands and cuticles. With natural ingredients, they sink deeply to create a barrier to prevent future dryness. And the smell has such a relaxing scent that it takes one back into a more calmer state.

Bestowe Gifting

Everyone needs ‘self care’ and Bestowe Gifting is there to help those you love achieve that much needed time for themselves. And if you want the Wellness Everyday Box for yourself, get it as an “I need some self care” gift!

Remember, self care is a must for EVERYONE. Try to put some time aside for yourself for this “you time.” Without this time for yourself, you could potentially hit a breaking point which not only will be negative on your mental health, but your emotional and physical health as well.

Set this time for yourself even just once a week, at least! Give yourself the time to just take a break and take a deep breath. YOU NEED AND DESERVE IT!

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And if you need some indulgence ideas in addition to Bestowe Giftings ‘Wellness Everyday Box,’ read this post HERE.

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