Being a mom is both a hard job and a blessing at the same time. The things moms do daily are usually revolving around her spouse, kids and home. But as moms, they should also do things daily for themselves to remain down to earth – and SANE!

Lets face it: Being a mom is great, but at times it can wreck havoc on our mental state. And if as moms we are not fully there or a bit out of whack, so is the rest of the household.

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There NEEDS to be things moms do daily in order to stay grounded. Being a mom requires us to make sure we also take the time for ourselves in order to recharge.

I know for myself, I need to have that “me time.” I need to have my space at times. This is the only way I can feel human. I can’t be a robot everyday always worrying about the household and forgetting about myself. And the fact is = in order to limit my Anxiety, I need these things moms do daily. Both for myself and my family.

BUT, when it comes to things moms do daily (and should do daily!) to keep themselves grounded, it is quite simple.

These tips are fairly easy, to the point and will make you a better mom, wife and all the rest of that good stuff. And we all know we want to feel good because feeling good makes us more productive!

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Things moms do daily

10 Things Moms Do Daily – Or Should Be Doing!

Make Your Bed Daily

Seems like it is an extra chore, right? Well, what if I told you this extra chore can make your day feel so much better?

For me, when my bed isn’t made, my room looks like a disaster and when something looks out of place, my brain functions the same exact way. Therefore, I have taken upon myself to make my bed daily. It makes my room look neater, which in turn makes me feel more put together.

Lets admit it, when the house isn’t organized, our brains can’t function properly. Try making your bed daily in the morning if you don’t already. You will see what I mean!

Forgive Yourself Often

Yes, say sorry to yourself. Forgiveness is healthy.

Don’t dwell on what you DID as a parent that you regret. Mistakes happen. Forgive yourself an start fresh and new.

If you stick to those thoughts of “I wish I handled the situation differently,” you will only be killing yourself inside making you feel bad and you don’t want that! On the contrary, forgive yourself. You have a hard job as it is. You can’t always be perfect.

Make Laughing a Habit

You know, laughing is great for fighting off anxiety, depression, stress and all that negative nonsense. Laugh, and laugh as often as you can.

Even if your kid managed to spill the bowl of cereal on the floor, laugh it off. Yes, this is hard for me, but I am trying to start laughing things off. Why? Because getting upset is not worth the energy. Laugh it off and clean it. Have the kid help too. I am sure they would love to! Try to laugh at the negative as much as you can!

Things moms do daily

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Make Sure You Eat!

I know for myself, I tend to forget to eat which is not good or healthy, especially when it comes to full meals. Even my daily snacks I forget.

We need to remember to eat. Being healthy is a main one for things moms do daily or should be doing daily.

If you need, like me, set timers on your phone to remind you its snack time or time to eat a meal. If we don’t get the right nutrients, how are we going to have the energy to manage the house? Coffee and a few nibbles of your kids leftovers is not gonna cut it!

Hug and Kiss Your Children

Do this, and work on doing this often. Just a simple hug gives off some chemical reaction which can lower a moms stress and anxiety.

Remember, you are their mom and as much as you need things for yourself, this is one of those things your kids need too. That hug will emit such positive energy which will help getting through tough days easier.

Connect With Your Spouse

I find that my husband and I often do not spend much time together. Not good!

Between work, kids and all that other stuff, we get pulled apart at times. Set some time daily, even for 5 minutes to just sit and reconnect. Engage, watch something together… anything you can do TOGETHER.

You as a mother need to know you have your spouse there and around. I know for myself, just feeling the love from a 1 minute conversation makes me feel on top of the world and full of positivity.

Things moms do daily

Take 15 Minutes for Yourself

Find some time during the day whether it be before the kids wake up in the morning or after they go to bed at night to take 15 minutes for yourself. This is QUIET time and you NEED it.

Recharge! Motherhood is hard!

Take some deep breaths. Then you can start fresh.

Practice Gratefulness

Before going to bed for the night, especially on those harder days, tell yourself what you are grateful for.

It also helps to think about the next day and what you are looking forward to the following day. This helps with a positive mind.


This is where I lack and I ain’t gonna lie.

Have children who don’t listen? Good morning Vietnam! Listen to them when they run over to you to tell you something or show you something. Even if you are busy.

Kids want to be heard and when they are heard, they will listen better. Its a win win.

Listening helps build a strong relationship and having that with your children can help greatly on those tougher days.

Things moms do daily

Set Goals

Set daily goals for yourself. Those good old To-Do lists.

This will help bring up your motivation to do these goals and get them done. And when you get your goals accomplished, you have a more successful day and in turn, a lot of positive vibes!

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Don’t forget, when it all comes down to it, the things moms do daily, or actually should be doing daily will set how their day will go. It’s all in the mothers hand and they’re in control!

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Mommy of 3 girls and I blog about all things Life with kids as well as hints of Fashion and Beauty. If you get to know me, I’m a fun and silly person to be around who loves having a good time. But yes, I have my flaws and suffer from anxiety and want to help others who suffer as well. And when I’m in need of therapy, I turn to shopping. Who doesn’t!?

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