Motherhood is amazing and chaotic at the same time. Let’s admit it though that some days if not many can get quite hectic to the point where you feel the world is ending. Each and every day is different and comes with its own surprises. And what many mothers oversee is that by using gratitude to be a happy mom can create a more positive and peaceful parenting approach.

Gratitude for moms is something that should be practiced by every single mom. It may seem like an added “chore,” but all it takes is 5 minutes a day. Even I myself am slowly working my way into it – and I have NEVER practiced gratitude. And of course, creating a habit of practicing gratitude each day may take some time getting used to.

Normally, when we are stressed and in the heat of the moment (or the day) all we can think about is all the negative things going on instead of the little positives. Sadly, this tends to ruin the day as a whole. Practicing gratitude for moms is what will help turn this around.

how to use gratitude to be a happy mom

Use Gratitude to be a Happy Mom

Gratitude for moms helps remind them of the blessings they have in life. Since hectic lives can impact a mom negatively, gratitude fills her back up with positivity and love. Gratitude is the secret on how to be a happy mom – bet you didn’t know that!

When a mom practices gratitude, she floods herself with a ton of positivity that they override the negativity and push them aside because in all reality, those negative things don’t matter. They’re just there because mom may have had a tough day – and that’s okay!

For me, I tend to stress a lot. I also suffer from anxiety. I feel these two negatively impact me both in my personal well being and also as a mother to my girls. Therefore, I definitely need to practice gratitude to be a happy mom ALL THE TIME. If not, stress and anxiety are bound to bring me down more and more.

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Whenever something happens like one of my girls accidentally spilling something on the floor, I usually am one to have a freak out. I get angry and yell. For some reason, it just feels like the world is ending and I know and tell myself in my mind that this indeed is not the end of the world and I usually, well always regret later on how I handled the situation.

These little things should not have to ruin my day and make me upset – I am in control of that because after all, it all comes down to how I REACT. I also do not need to yell at my children when I am frustrated at something they have accidentally done because it ends up causing them to have a bad day too. Unfortunately, that’s my personality and I am ready to change that by practicing gratitude for moms.

how to use gratitude to be a happy mom

Practicing gratitude especially during a hard time helps you get through that hard time. This is a constant reminder for me! Gratitude also helps you live in the present moment and not dwell on the past or worry about something in the future that hasn’t even happened yet. It’s a daily reminder of how good life is. We just need to slow down and think rationally.

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When thinking of how to be a happy mom, sometimes we can feel like it’s not so possible. We may feel as though we are over worked and burnt out. But as moms, we need to remember to connect with ourselves in the present moment ONLY.

When we learn how to be grateful for the little things daily and be intentionally happy, it has long-lasting effects. It not only improves our quality of life, but also our parenting. And yes, without gratitude, parenting becomes nearly impossible. Gratitude is also thought to be a natural stress reducer. Who would’ve thought? And when moms are less stressed, they take more care of themselves to be happier and healthier.

PLUS, it helps as a mom to look at our children differently. It helps us see the positivity instead of “OMG, my kid is acting like a brat.” With this new perception of our kids, we don’t respond to things negatively as well as gain more patience as a mom. So LESS ANGRY = LESS YELLING. This is one for me!

how to use gratitude to be a happy mom

The Simple Steps to Practice Gratitude to be a Happy Mom

  1. Take time to thank your kids. Yes. Thank them. If they brushed their teeth in the morning without having to be asked, thank them. If they cleaned up after themselves without having to be asked, thank them. If they played nicely with their sibling, thank them. Thanking your kids will bring in more positivity as well as see them differently.
  2. Stop, breathe and think. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we don’t often think before dealing with the situation. Try to stop yourself, take a deep breathe and remind yourself of some things you’re grateful for. Doing this will bring you back to being on a more positive note than negative one. The end result? Not dealing with something in a way you will regret later.
  3. Get yourself a gratitude journal. Sometimes writing things down makes it all more real than just saying it in your head. Write down daily what you are grateful for. There are plenty journals out there and I am sharing the ones I feel are great to start off with. I also just purchased the 5 Minute Gratitude Journal and can’t wait to use it! {Click on the photos to be directed to the site where you can purchase them!)

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use gratitude to be a happy mom
use gratitude to be a happy mom
use gratitude to be a happy mom

Just remember, using gratitude to be a happy mom is a must. It helps you enjoy and appreciate life again when you remind yourself of those little things you are grateful for.

Let’s do this Mommas! Let’s make this something we will work on daily so that we can be happy moms ALL THE TIME!

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Gratitude to be a happy mom

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  1. I love this post! I have been trying to react to situations more positively than negatively (I have a very rambunctious 2 year old) This is a great reminder. Thank you!


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