The Holiday Season is upon us which means, decorating! And what a better way to decorate for the holidays than with a seasonal craft for kids?

In this post I will be sharing a Hanukkah Craft for Kids where it doubles as a decoration for the house AS WELL as a holder for their mini gifts for each of the 8 nights!

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Hanukkah craft for kids

This Hanukkah Craft for Kids is actually quite easy and doesn’t require much artistic talent. And to be honest, this is the first time I am doing a holiday related craft with my kids. Well kid. My oldest daughter and I made it together. My middle child was too busy with her own things and well the baby, yea… not for her yet LOL.

For this Hanukkah Craft I was able to order everything on Amazon {For a list of everything purchased, click HERE}. Didn’t need to pick up and head to a craft store, though I am sure if I had the time and did, I would’ve been able to get some other things to make it more interesting. But then again, I am a little on the easy and simpler side and hope this craft for those who like easy and simple will find this right up their alley.

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Besides for the few craft pieces you need to buy, the only other supplies you will need are scissors and a hot glue gun. Oh! And a marker or pen. You’ll see what I mean more below!

Hanukkah craft for kids

Hanukkah Craft for Kids

This Hanukkah Craft for Kids is called: The Hanukkah Countdown Calendar

No, No… This is not like a calendar you are thinking of. This is more exciting and adds some fun Hanukkah decor to your home.

For this Hanukkah Craft, you will need:

  • Any Home Wall Hanging Decor. Click HERE for mine. (You can also make your own, but I am trying to make this as easy as possible for you!)
  • Ribbon or Burlap Ribbon. I bought THESE Burlap Ribbons as I wanted a more farmhouse look decor to our hanging countdown calendar.
  • Mini Envelopes. I bought THESE, but if you want to be extra crafty, you can make your own!
  • Jumbo Hanukkah Glitter Confetti like THESE – remember though, you can make your own Hanukkah cut-outs of dreidles, star of david, etc. This is where you can get as crafty and fun as you want. I was just more on the minimal side.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pen / Markers

Now for the Directions! Though you will find that this Hanukkah Craft is easy and straight forward!:

  • Take the ribbon you have purchased and cut out 8 pieces. I cut ours about 18 inch strips to give it a couple inches to glue around the wall hanging decor.
Hanukkah craft for kids
  • Lay out the ribbon against the wall hanging decor (purchased or made) so you can evenly glue to ribbon. I am crazy when it comes to being even LOL.
  • Glue the ribbon starting from the back of the wall hanging decor all the way to the front. Do this for all 8 pieces.
Hanukkah craft for kids
  • Take the Jumbo Hanukkah Confetti or any other cut outs you have made and glue them however you want on the ribbons. This is the decorating part!
  • Take 8 purchased or made envelopes and write the nights on them. Some just do the numbers, but we did “Night so-and-so” on ours. You can do just black or make it fun and colorful!
  • Glue the envelopes onto the ribbons however you want them distributed.

THAT’S IT! Easy right? And from that, you have the cutest wall hanging decor for Hanukkah which is a Calendar Countdown for the 8 nights of Hanukkah!

And in the envelopes you can put in money, chocolate Hanukkah Gelt, anything fun and cute for your kids to open on each night of Hanukkah!

And for those who do not celebrate Hanukkah, this works well for any countdown for any other holiday!

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this Hanukkah Craft for Kids and if you will create your own!

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Hanukkah craft for kids
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