This blog post is to share a new Author I have had the privilege to chat with. She is beyond sweet and wrote the cutest children’s book! She is also now onto her second children’s book which I am sure is going to be just as amazing!

Meet Chris Elle Dove! She is the author of children’s book “Gabby Makes a Friend.”

Children’s book author

About ‘Gabby Makes a Friend’

This children’s book is about Gabby and Katies friendship which is fostered through quality time spent together and resting.

Gabby finds Katie food and Katie reads Gabby stories. The story follows their friendship as they grow and change.

The takeaway of the story? “True friends will accept you for who you are and also for who you’re becoming.” Gabby and Katie were Best Friends.

It’s my hope that those who read the story of Gabby’s developing relationship with her new friend will cherish it for many years! I’ve never felt more pride in my work than when my daughter told me, recently, she’s looking forward to reading my books to her own children, someday. I can’t think of a better gift to give her children, all children, than stories with characters who are energetic, curious, and struck by the wonders of their world. Gabby and Katie inspire, as they make connections, solve problems, and learn life lessons. They’re lovable and unique, inviting readers to see beauty within themselves, and reminding them to be true to who they are.

– Chris Elle Dove on her hope for her first children’s picture book.
Children’s book author

About Chris Elle Dove – Children’s Book Author

Chris Elle Dove prior to writing her first children’s book was writing for adults about wellness, wellbeing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not long after that, she wondered if there was a way to bring the same or similar messages to children.

She knows that the behaviors and habits of children are developed and learned in their early years which have a tremendous impact on their adult lives. Therefore, she decided she wanted to share her knowledge and ideas with children about physical, emotional and social wellness.

Chris Elle Dove had studied sociology and learned the attitudes and values instilled in children are what often become lifelong. Also, since 2005 she has been teaching sociology at community colleges.

Her hobbies consist of meditating, cooking, running and hiking. She is also a proud mother of 2 adult children and her German Shepherd, Rhea who is what inspired her to create her children’s book character, Gabby.

Besides for teaching and writing her children’s books, Chris Elle Dove is also a Blogger and you can check out her website HERE!

As you can see, Chris Elle Dove is a fairly new children’s book author and deserves all the exposure she can get. Having written a book with meaning, this is what I look for when purchasing books for my children.

Chris Elle Dove is also working on her second book, “Sadie’s Turtle” and I cannot wait to get my hands on this book as well!

children's book author

I hope this post helped you learn about a new must have children’s book in your child’s collection and I hope you love it just as much as we do!

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Children’s book author
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