Gonna be real here… this is the first year I am doing any Valentines Day things. That includes a Valentine’s Day Craft besides for the other little things like gifts and decor.

But this year, I decided THIS WAS THE YEAR! Why not have have more fun with Valentine’s Day? Plus, the kids find it exciting too! And if you check out my Instagram, it’s gotten quite pink!

When I started thinking of what Valentine’s Day Craft I wanted to do first, what popped in my head were glass jars. Okay, so glass jars it is!

I then thought it would be fun to paint and make them all pretty. PLUS! I would use them as Valentine’s Day decor around the house. SCORE!

And you know what? These are actually sitting on the shelf right above my kitchen sink!

Valentine’s Day craft

I went to TJMaxx and got a couple glass jars and ordered the craft materials I needed on Amazon. I know, lazy LOL! But don’t worry, afterwards I decided Michael’s was more fun!

I started off by painting the jars. Now, this was my first time painting glass and I should’ve done research on best glass paint. I used acrylic and it wasn’t smooth and if you painted over the first layer, it just pulled the first layer off. BUT, that’s okay, it gave my jars a rustic farmhouse look!

I then tied a couple pieces of string and made a bow tie to give it a finishing touch. Honestly, easy Valentine’s Day Craft if it wasn’t for the paint issue!

After the jars dried, I took acrylic paint markers to do the little details. Again, it was hard because it kept scraping off the first layer of paint from the jar – but cut me some slack LOL! This was my first time painting on glass jars. In the past I only glued on glitter.

Valentine’s Day craft

And as far as jar uses, basically anything! You can put flowers or straws like I did. You can keep the jars closed with the top on and just keep it on a shelf for decor. Even a holder for pens and pencils!

It’s really easy! Plus, I’m sure there are glass jars or vases laying around which can be used for this DIY Valentine’s Day craft!

Valentine’s Day Craft – Glass Jars

Supplies needed:

  • Glass jars – any type and however many you want!
  • Glass paint – any colors you prefer
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint Markers
  • String – any type you like
  • Scissors to cut string

Extra Supplies if wanted!

  • Fancy paper straws
  • Glitter to decorate outside of jars
  • Dried flowers or Fresh Flowers
Valentine’s Day craft

So there you have it! A fun and easy Valentine’s Day craft that doubles as decor or other uses in your home!

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Valentine’s Day craft
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4 replies on “Valentine’s Day Craft

  1. These turned out really cute! If you don’t mind them being not so shiny you can add A tiny plaster of Paris to your paint and it makes it like a chalk paint and it shouldn’t come off when you do your 2nd coats. I love the shape of the jars you used!!!

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