Hey everyone! My name is Sarah 🙂 I started my Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog on Instagram back in 2015. I exclusively posted about myself and Fashion. Later, I slowly brought in Beauty and Lifestyle as well as my two girls. I am so happy I brought in those topics as I now cater to more women such as young women, mothers-to-be, mothers, fashion & Beauty lovers and more.

A little background:
I am a Florida Native born in Israel
Married 10 years (Anniversary is July 14, 2008)
I have 2 Drama Queen daughters
I have a real secretarial job *sigh*
I blog about Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle because I enjoy it and it’s a hobby of mine!
Fan of Denim Skirts & Sneakers – more of a sporty-chic style!

To contact me, you can reach out through the below platforms:
Email: TheStylishMommy88@gmail.com
Instagram: @thestylishmommy
Facebook: Facebook.com/thestylishmommy