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Unfortunately, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has kept many, if not most of us around the world on our toes. Just going out casually or to run errands as we used to do has become a nerve wrecking task. The issue is, we don’t know who is a carrier of the virus. We don’t know if we are touching contaminated surfaces. Of course we’re taking the extra measures needed, but it’s not always 100%, is it?

For now, the best and safest thing to do is to just stay home. All day, everyday. For many SAHM’s, this may be easier. But for others who are used to going out to work, casual outings, etc. this is harder. This is where the sanity part comes in, for EVERYONE. Whether a SAHM or not, everyone is affected.

The question of “how much longer?” is what’s unknown and causing our sanity to be on edge. Especially being cooped up indoors. Many will start to ask to how they will stay sane while cooped up in their homes. And especially with children!

The following are tips on how to stay sane while cooped up indoors which can help those home with their children (or without!) during this tough time. These tips are also great for the adult, the child or both!

Call / FaceTime Loved Ones and Friends

Being isolated for a while can make one start to feel depressed. We don’t want to get there! Just because we can’t be in contact with friends and family outside the house, doesn’t mean we can’t indoors. Make phone calls and even better, FaceTime chat with friends and family. Even Skype! And Zoom for chatting with tons at the same time!

This can be fun and pass the time quickly as well. Children will also love to see their friends or family on the screen. Being social as much as possible is needed right now!

Do Some Workouts!

Do them alone or as a team with your kids! It can be fun! And doing some workouts and exercise can be great for boosting mood during these stressful times. If you’re clueless and haven’t worked out much, turn on YouTube. So many videos there, even Zumba! So get up and get moving!

A really fun thing to do with kids is Cosmic Yoga! You can check that out HERE.

Spring Cleaning!

Oh yes! This will make you feel so accomplished! Start cleaning one thing/do one task a day. Trust me, by the time all this craziness is over (and hoping ASAP!), your home will be sparkling clean!

Have kids? Have them help organize the playroom or bedroom. Have them put in a bag things they don’t need or want or even play with. This is THE TIME to get all the deep cleaning and organizing done!

Start a Project or Business

You know that one project or business you wanted to start?! Yea, well nows the time! If you’re home, do it!! You have a lot of time on your hands now, this is when to start. So go on, get on it!

Binge Watch

Yea, not the best idea. But during times like these, it is!! Binge favorite shows. Keep your mind off of the craziness. Just don’t watch shows with similar stories to the Coronavirus LOL.

Have kids? Then watch a movie with them… or two or three! Have a time set aside to watch together, but make it fun. Snacks, popcorn, soda… the whole shabang!

Read That Book!

You know that book that has collecting dust on your nightstand or bookshelf because you just didn’t have the time to read it? Well now you do! This is a great time to read. Get kids to read too. Have reading parties!

Water Play

Ok, what kid (or even adult) doesn’t like any type of water play? This can be in your yard with the hose, toys and whatever else you have or even in the bathtub for the littles! If in the tub, do crazy shampoo hairstyle contests! Those are always a hit!

Play Games

It’s time to bust out those games and board games you have hidden in a cabinet somewhere. Play with whomever is in the house isolated with you. Play with the kids. Just get them out and play! Alone? There are plenty card games you can play!

Get Outside

I don’t mean as in go out fully. Im talking about taking a calming stroll around your block while keeping your distance. You still need the fresh air. Kids too. Being cooped up indoors all day is not good for sanity and the fresh air definitely helps.

Bake and Cook!

Not a kitchen person? Well now you are! Since you have all the time on your hands , saying you work till late isn’t gonna cut it. Make fun dishes you would’ve never made or make some desserts with the kids. Plus, baking and cooking is great to boost up ones mood and stabilize their sanity!

Arts and Crafts / Experiments

Get out the crayons and coloring books. Or pencil and paper and start drawing. How about making slime? I’m sure many of you already have ingredients for this already! Maybe find some experiments on Google using what you already have on hand. Art is a great way to keep your mind sane!

Social Media

Never thought this would be a tip for keeping sane while cooped up indoors! But yup, social media is needed in this case. Instagram, Facebook, and best of all, scrolling through funny TikTok videos. Make some yourself and with the kids.

Educational Apps and Online Games for Kids

Keep those kids busy! Sometimes, how to keep sane while cooped up indoors is a problem because of children. They may be bored and cry or lash out and have tantrums. Get them on a learning app or site. Trust me, they have fun and give you some peace and quiet for a bit.

How To Stay Sane While Cooped Up Indoors

You’re not alone in this. We’re all in this situation together. As much as we never thought in our lifetime we would live through something like this, we are. And we need to accept it. The quicker we accept it, the quicker we can get our sanity back.

Let’s hope this soon all blows over. This new life of ours is surely not fun. Especially since we’re away from our friends and loved ones due to being self distancing and isolation. We all need to be safe, take extra precautions and be positive. We got this!

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Mommy of 3 girls and I blog about all things Life with kids as well as hints of Fashion and Beauty. If you get to know me, I’m a fun and silly person to be around who loves having a good time. But yes, I have my flaws and suffer from anxiety and want to help others who suffer as well. And when I’m in need of therapy, I turn to shopping. Who doesn’t!?

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