Makeup.. It’s one of those ‘things’ almost all girls want to wear. Makeup has become so popular that there are makeup made specifically for children and are sold in almost all stores that sell children items. That’s where this question comes into play: When should you let your daughter start wearing makeup?

Let’s start off by saying, each parent will decide differently. While one may not mind their daughter wearing makeup at a young age, another parent may not allow it.

When Should You Let Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup?

When Should You Let Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup?

So my just turned 11 year old started randomly wearing makeup at the age of 10. Okay, okay. I’m to blame as I gave her my makeup to keep that I don’t use anymore. I actually gave it for her to play around with at home.

Her wearing makeup starting at 10 years old didn’t bother me too much to be honest. As long as it was light and natural, I felt it was okay. I saw it made her feel mature and good about herself so I let it pass. But I am almost positive others would be questioning why I allow her to wear makeup. Also, I understood her because I myself started wearing makeup and experimenting around her age as well.

Let’s dig a little deeper here…

The age of “10” is often referred to as the “turn over year.” This means that basically by the age of 10, whether we like it or not as parents, kids hold half of the control over their lives (and us parents the other half). And as they slowly get older, they continue to mature emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually. They grasp bits here and there of more responsibilities and accountabilities for their decisions and actions.

When Should You Let Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup?

However, as parents, we don’t stop being their parents. We continue to offer them advice, influence and even saying “no” when need be.

The Gray Area

How a child dresses, their hair and makeup are all in a “gray area” of parenting. Each parent has their own rules when it comes to these things. For this gray area, parents and their child need to come to a middle ground without arguments which can in turn harm their relationship.


Ever heard of the term “pick your battles?” Well, makeup, hair and how they dress (given it still within appropriate limits) fits into that category. Is it worth the fight? Sometimes as parents, we need to let the child express themselves and through makeup, hair and clothing, that’s how they show it. This is their sense of style and who they are. This could also be something that boosts their confidence if they’re lacking that – or even self-esteem.

Makeup at a Young Age

When it comes to kids and makeup, usually if they’re in elementary grade school, the school doesn’t allow it. Plus, for many parents, the idea of a young child wearing makeup doesn’t sit so well. ALSO, there is a time and place for makeup wearing and school is just not the time nor place.

If the above is the case, but you don’t mind if your daughter wears makeup, you will need to explain to her that in school it is not allowed, but when she is not in school, she is free to wear her makeup and play around with it. Maybe even sit with her and show her what looks good and natural on her! Go through what she can wear and how much.

When Should You Let Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup?

At this young age, I feel makeup may be a bit much. My 11 year old like I said started at age 10, towards the end of her 5th grade year, but it wasn’t all the time and I was okay with it given that it was light and natural. And I feel that even just a nice sheer gloss is okay for a young girl to wear. Some girls just want to feel mature and good about themselves. And that’s okay!

Makeup is self expression. Most times. I’m talking about the self expression type. I am not talking about the “sexual” part of it. No, no. Plus at this age, they shouldn’t even know that term!

Now, if you’re a parent who is a little iffy on the makeup idea, do express to your daughter that she’s beautiful and young and doesn’t need the makeup just yet.

Tweens and Teens Wearing Makeup

When it comes to tweens and teens, this age is when they will more likely wear makeup. This is also the age where they actually may wear it to cover flaws such as acne or redness or simply because they feel beautiful and confident in it. Whatever the case, like I said, as long as it is within your limits and not over-doing it, it should be okay for them to wear. But I don’t make the decisions for other parents!

When Should You Let Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup?

Remember that girls who want to wear makeup have a lifelong interest. For example, I have a closet full of makeup. Of course my daughter is in awe of it all and wants to wear it like mommy.

Children oftentimes get influenced by their mothers. And as much as you may try to tell her she’s too young and doesn’t need it, this may be a battle you don’t want to pursue. But regardless, show your power, set the limit, make rules on when she can wear it, how much, how dark and so on. Saying NO outright will most likely cause the child to rebel and doing it behind the parents back and this is something we don’t want!

The best is, sit down with your daughter. Have that one on one. Both sides express how they feel and come to a middle agreement where both sides are happy.

Other Bloggers on the Topic of: Young Girls and Makeup

Alejandra from Girl with Glam:

When did you start wearing makeup and why? I started wearing makeup at around 17-18 years old. By makeup I mean, black winged liner and liner in the lower lash line. I eventually added mascara to my list of products. I didn’t get really invested into makeup until I was around 21. Fun story, I only started wearing makeup because of a senior event! My last year of high school, we had a “Senior Week” that each day of the week we were allowed to dress according to a theme. One of the themes was decades day. I knew I wanted to dress up as if I was in the 1920s. So I looked up makeup trends and fashion from that era and I applied makeup for the first time. Everyone complimented my makeup and outfit that day at school. It really made me realize how I liked winged liner so I started wearing it regularly.

Do you think there is a “right age” for girls wearing makeup? I think girls can play with makeup at any age. However there’s a time and place for everything. I would never push my daughter to wear makeup if she didn’t want to. However, if my daughter wanted to wear full glam makeup to school I would try to talk her out of it just because it’s not the place for that. I wouldn’t be opposed to her wearing a couple of products but you’re not walking the red carpet every day at school. If she expressed that it was more of a self esteem or a confidence booster then I’d be more open to her wearing more products. I do think every girl has their own age at which makeup may peak their interests and some may be more interested at a younger age meanwhile others at an older age.

When Should You Let Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup?
Alejandra from Girl with Glam

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Priyanka from Glamour and Giggles:

When did you start wearing makeup and why?
I started wearing makeup in my late teens but more truly in my early 20s. I always considered myself a late bloomer. I really didn’t feel the need to wear makeup before I went to college. It just wasn’t something I was interested in at the time. I honestly don’t remember being interested when I first experimented with makeup in college. It was something I was told to do and I tried (and failed). My true passion for makeup didn’t come until after I turned 20! I had a drive to learn more and experiment with different products, which is around the time I started my beauty blog!

Do you think there is a “right age” for girls wearing makeup? I don’t think there is a “right age” for anyone to start wearing makeup. Everyone is different and has their own set time when they discover their passion for makeup! For me it was in my early 20s, for some of my gal pals, it wasn’t until their mid 20s and for others it was in their teen years!

When Should You Let Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup?
Priyanka from Glamour and Giggles

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Kay from Its A Marvelous Life:

When did you start wearing makeup and why? I started wearing makeup back when I was thirteen. I started wearing makeup because I always look years younger than what I actually am. This always bothered me as a kid as I wanted people to take me more seriously for my age. I was thirteen with a body of a small and petite nine year old. I wanted to look older and more mature than my age…even though I was only thirteen. Now a days, I barely wear it. I have learned to love myself for who I am….and I am happy that I look 10 years younger than my actual age! LOL.

Do you think there is a “right age” for girls wearing makeup? I personally am not sure if I think there is a “right age” for girls wearing makeup. I myself, have a one year old daughter. I actually am hoping that she does not take interest in makeup when she is older. I want my daughter to love herself for who she is. I want her to grow up knowing that personality and morals are what are important and not her looks. If she does decide to get into wearing makeup then so be it. Who knows! Maybe she will be a great
cosmetologist some day and teach me a little something!

When should you start letting your daughter wear makeup?
Kay from Its A Marvelous Life

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Alyson from Mobility Mom:

When did you start wearing makeup and why? I started wearing small amounts of makeup when I was 12 years old – clear mascara and lip gloss. Looking back on old photos you can barely tell that I was wearing anything at all, but it helped me feel more confident at the time. Going through puberty was such an uncomfortable phase, and I think makeup was how I embraced this shift into womanhood.

Do you think there is a “right age” for girls wearing makeup? In my opinion middle school is the perfect time for a girl to start experimenting with makeup for the very reasons I mentioned above. If makeup is enhancing her natural beauty (without covering it up), is a form of self-expression, and represents her own self-love, then she is wearing it for the right reasons. All that said, when it comes to makeup, I do believe less is more.

Alyson from Mobility Mom

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Alaia from Being Alaia

When did you start wearing makeup and why? I didn’t start wearing makeup regularly until college. I grew up in Hawai’i and makeup was not prevalent for young girls here. It wasn’t until I moved to Arizona for my freshman year of college that I learned how differently other girls were from the local girls I grew up with. They were going to class with full faces of makeup and I was bare faced. It was a bit of a culture shock for me. Since I had little to no experience with make up of any type, my roommate had to help me pick out my makeup and show me how to use it at 18 years old.

Do you think there is a “right age” for girls wearing makeup? I don’t think there’s a “right age” for makeup. In today’s culture, makeup could be seen as a form of art and expression and that should be supported. What’s more important than deciding the “right age” for a girl to wear makeup is making sure that she knows she is beautiful, kind, smart, and perfect the way she is. Makeup enhances beauty; it doesn’t hide it.

When Should You Let Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup?
Alaia from Being Alaia

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Michelle from Growing with Spawn

Michelle’s thoughts on Makeup: I personally was allowed to wear makeup from 15 for special occasions, but being a step daughter who wasn’t close to her step mom, I did not know about proper skin care or even how to use makeup. So for me that meant using concealer as a base before my foundation, rainbow coloured sparkly eye shadow and lipstick on my cheeks. As a mom now, I think it is really important to know how mature your daughter is and how well she understands about makeup and skin care before letting her use it. I personally wouldn’t let my little one use makeup as a way to feel pretty because she needs to know that she is beautiful as she is. Also, makeup is meant to enhance certain features not transform you into a new being! We will start off with a little bit of mascara and lip gloss at around fifteen, maybe even eye liner. We wouldn’t want her to clog her pores while going through puberty!

When should you let your daughter start wearing makeup
Michelle from Growing with Spawn

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Let me know in the comments your thoughts on girls wearing makeup at a young age!

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  1. Love this. I started playing with kids makeup at 4. If I had a daughter I would always let her play with makeup (ensuring its kid friendly!) Glad I came across your blog. I have followed you and can’t wait to see your next post! xxx


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