As mothers, our first and sudden urge is to kiss our babies and love on them. From their delicious smell to their overall cuteness, not to mention the big love we have for them, kissing them tends to be what we do most. As much as this is all comes natural to mothers, the importance of kissing your baby is not often thought about.

Think about it:

You’re loving on your baby with an abundance of kisses. But have you ever thought that all those kisses have positive outcomes for them in the future? I sure haven’t!

Importance of kissing your baby

The importance of kissing your baby is one of those topics you don’t normally hear about. Maybe because people fear the risk of RSV or other things that could come from a baby being kissed… But let me just say this: as mothers, we can kiss our babies as much as we want given we are careful. After all, all those kisses have a lot of benefits!

The Importance of Kissing Your Baby

Showing Your Baby Physical Affection Teaches Them Empathy

Kissing your baby has a lot of emotional benefits.

When a mother shows her baby love by kisses, hugs and the like, it shows the baby that being sensitive to others needs and feelings is important. This in turn can help them relate as well as interact better with those around them.

The importance of kissing your baby

Kissing your baby is not just about building that unique relationship between mom and baby. It’s more than that. It helps the baby pursue a unique personality and demeanor.

Kissing Your Baby Can Strengthen Their Immune System

Kissing your baby isn’t only about the love you have for them. In fact, you’re also strengthening their immune system!


Simple. When kissing your baby, you as a mother are taking in whatever harmful pathogens are on their skin. Weird right?

The importance of kissing your baby

But by taking in these harmful pathogens, you’re absorbing them where they make their way down to the lymphoid organ, aka: your tonsils. After reaching the lymphoid organ, these pathogens can strengthen and get stimulated making contact with Memory B Cells.

Fortunately, these Memory B Cells are what produce the antibodies that work against these harmful pathogens. WIN! This is even more so for mother who breastfeed their babies.

In short: You kiss your baby and in turn take in those harmful pathogens. Your body notices there are harmful pathogens and create antibodies. And if a baby nurses, these antidotes are passed to your baby. And antibodies are immune boosting!

All That Affection Can Raise Your Baby’s Intelligence, and IQ!

Back then, as I like to say, it was thought that if a mother (parents) showed way too much affection to their child, it could result in some issues. Which? Dependency, Emotional & Behavior problems. I call BS!

The importance of kissing your baby

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. A mothers affection towards her baby helps the baby develops more in the intellectual department as well as become skilled in the long run.

And not only that, motherly love also has positive influences on brain development. You can check out more about that study. We all know how incredibly important brain development is especially in the baby’s first year! So kiss up your baby!

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Those Warm Mommy Loving Can Lessen Emotional Distress as they Grow into Adults

A study showed that more warmth from a mother showed less distress in the baby as an adult.

Having that warmth and love from the mother helps them develop a secure attachment to them. With this feeling of security, it could in turn give them a stronger sense of self that helps against stress.

Also, they feel more positive emotions – this means that if anything negative like stress or anxiety comes their way, they have a better chance at coping with it.

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The importance of kissing your baby

Go and kiss your baby! Love on them as much as you possibly can. There are so many benefits and the importance of kissing your baby is one you SHOULD take seriously.

The above are scientific reasons as to why you should kiss your baby. Not like you don’t already! But just know that all that affection and motherly love has a great impact on your little love. For now and for their future. Don’t stop those kisses!

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