Spring is rolling around and with that means, spring break! Besides for family vacations, I have rounded up a short and sweet list of items you should be checking out for your little ones! This list ranges from ages for babies to older kids. Plus, some items are perfect for all age groups!

These items are great to have for spring or even during any other time of the year. I hope this simple Spring Must Haves for Kids Guide helps you find some new and interesting things for your kids!

Spring Must Haves for Kids

A Girl Like Me” Journal

These journals are great for your daughter(s). The brand, A Girl Like Me helps reminds girls they can do anything their heart desires.

With this journal, your daughter can document important days of her life, things she enjoys, write lyrics, use as a diary… basically anything she wants! A Girl Like Me is all about promoting Female Empowerment which is much needed in today’s day and age. So if you have a little writer at home, this Journal is a spring must have! She will most likely fill it up during her spring break!

Check out A Girl Like Me: Website | Instagram

Kyte Baby

Those who follow me on Instagram or read a previous blog post of mine know I am OBSESSED with Kyte Baby!

Their pieces are so soft, made from organic bamboo and I seriously love their 2 piece pajamas I have for my babe from them – especially because now she fits in them! Before, she was in footies and those are just as amazing!

These pieces are great for Spring as the fabric is soft and thin but not too thin. The fabric is also very breathable and I am always rubbing my hands against it when she wears them because of how cozy they feel! A definite spring must have for kids!

Check out Kyte Baby: Website | Instagram

Feltman Brothers

I am absolutely obsessed with Feltman Brothers! They have timeless pieces and are one of a kind as well! Definitely not what you find around in every store. Their pieces are also beautiful and delicate making them extra special.

Feltman Brothers not only carries gorgeous girls dresses and clothing, but also adorable pieces for boys that make great spring outfits! If you don’t own Feltman Brothers yet for your littles, you need to. And ASAP!

Check out Feltman Brothers: Website | Instagram

Wild Dough

Looking for some fun indoor activities for kids? Wild Dough has got you covered.

Created by a mom, Wild Dough is a natural play dough with fun and vibrant colors as well as delicious smelling. No nasty smelling play dough like the others on the market! And a plus, they don’t dry out like store bought ones as quickly and last up to 6 months when cared for properly. This is a must for Spring, especially if you will be spending most of it at home this year!

Check out Wild Dough: Website | Instagram

Fink 3D

Fink 3D is a new brand MADE BY KIDS that needs to be checked out! Fink 3D is started by 3 young girls and is something I absolutely love and support, especially since they’re just a little younger then my 2 girls!

Have readers at home? Or want to get your kids into reading? Fink 3D makes custom bookmarks called Reading Buddies which help kids stay focused while reading and prevents line skipping as well as eliminating distraction texts while reading. This is perfect for those budding readers! Grab some for you little readers as I am sure they’ll be reading a little more on Spring break!

Check out Fink 3D: Website | Instagram


The Warmzy Baby Beanies from KeaBabies are so, so cute! And soft!

These beanies are a great spring must have for kids as many colder areas are transitioning to warmer weather in the spring, but still need that warmth for those little heads. Especially for the babes! They are made from 100% acrylic which retains heat and repels water. These beanies are great for babies 3 months to 36 months as they are 6.5″ and stretch comfortably to 10″!

Check out KeaBabies: Website | Instagram

Sign Me Up

Sign Me Up is a brand for starter language for babes and toddlers – sign language! The purpose is to help bridge the communication gap during the little ones early years where they want to communicate, but can’t fully talk. Therefore, sign it instead!

Besides for the poster, they have books as well. This is a great Spring break activity that both parent and child can do together – learning to communicate via sign language! There is more useful information on this amazing brand at the link below so make sure to check it out!

Check out Sign Me Up: Website | Instagram


Need some stylish essentials for the little ones? Head on over to BooginHead!

From face masks to pacifier clips, sippy cup holders and plenty other baby gifts, you are sure to find yourself or others those spring must haves and everyday essentials!

Check out BooginHead: Website | Instagram

As much as this list for spring must haves for kids isn’t long, I share the essentials and things I feel are a great addition. Kids don’t need tons of things and we don’t need to be collecting tons for them either.

I am sure with this Spring Must Haves for Kids guide, you will find at least one (if not more!) thing you are going to want to purchase for your little one!

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spring must haves for kids
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