Having a baby or pregnant and wondering what items you should get? I have rounded up a list of items (not huge) I feel are needed. And no, I am not including diapers and clothing because in all reality, we know the basic necessities needed LOL. I am listing items I either love or feel is needed when it comes to products we need for baby’s first day home.

Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag

Oh Em Geeeee! Okay, this diaper bag from Pretty Pokets is a definite must have. Firstly, it can be used as a backpack or a shoulder bag which makes traveling easier because I would use it as a backpack as I am sure I would need to carry the baby. So this makes it much more comfortable. Another thing, not only does it come with a changing mat, but also a mini wallet for moms who don’t want to carry an extra purse around as well as a carrier for a bottle!

This diaper bag has a bottom zipper – this way, you put the diapers on the bottom of the bag and when you need one, just use the bottom zipper to pull one out instead of digging through the bag. Plus, the interior has tons of pocket space and will basically fit everything you need when going out with the little one. PLUS, look how stylish it is! Just because you’re a mom and need a bag to carry all your baby’s items does not mean you can’t carry it in style!

Buy this Diaper Bag HERE
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Humble Bee Mini Charm Stroller Organizer

The Humble Bee has an amazing stroller organizer – the Mini Charm Stroller Organizer. Even so it is small and compact, it sure does pack a ton! This is attached on the handle bars of any stroller and is in arms reach whenever mommy needs to grab for something. And a big plus, has 2 built in bottle holders!

Not only that, but this stroller organizer can even be used as a purse since it has detachable shoulder straps that can be added on – did someone say score?! It also is water repellent on the exterior and is machine washable. So no worries if it gets dirty! It has reflective accents for nighttime visibility if you’re a night owl on the go. This is a must check out for those needing a great compact bag to hold necessities when out and about with the baby.

Buy the Humble Bee Mini Charm Stroller Organizer HERE
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The Car Seat Key

The Car Seat Key is literally the best invention out there! I know with my 2 girls, I would hate having to unbuckle them from their car seat because lets be real, it was almost impossible to unbuckle them without breaking a nail! Sometimes, it even was so hard I would get frustrated and being a mom and frustrated just does not go together!

This smart invention is used in order to help unbuckle children from those tight car seat buckles. You simply just slide this over the red button of the buckle and with just slight pressure, press it down and voila, the harness is released! It also comes in other colors, but love this tropical print I have as it is so stylish! This is a definite must have, because why get flustered when trying to unbuckle your baby/child and just ruining your day?

Buy this style Car Seat Key HERE
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Omie View Bassinet Mirror

How smart?! The Omie View Bassinet Mirror is one I wished I had when my girls were younger. Do you ever just randomly wake in the middle of the night and get up to peek over your sleeping baby that is literally right next to you? Well with this remote controlled mirror, you do not need to get up. Just peak up and the mirror will show your baby so you can be assured they are okay. And if the mirror isn’t on the right angle, just use to remote to move it a bit until you see the little one.

This is a great gadget to help mothers have that peace of mind that their baby is okay, especially since it was created in order to help prevent SIDS. It even has a night light so if it is too dark, you can see the baby. With it being universal, it will fit on any pack and play or bassinet with no issues. This mirror is seriously the best idea so that you are not constantly getting up and out of bed to check on the babe who may be in the same room as you.

Buy Omie View Bassinet Mirror HERE
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I totally wish I had a Nurse Sling Nursing Pillow when my first two kids were babies. Especially when they were newborns because I had to hold them up higher because they were so tiny and my arm would start cramping from holding them up. The Nurse Sling allows mommy to relax and rest her wrist while nursing her baby as well as comfortable for the baby as it has a cushion! And even better, it has a zipper pocket for mommy to store some necessities she may need when leaving the house! The Nurse Sling is definitely an accessory you want if you will be breastfeeding your baby.

Buy Nurse-Sling Nursing Pillow HERE
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Infinity Nursing Scarf

The Infinity Nursing Scarf by SwaddleDesigns lets mommy nurse in style as it’s 2 in 1! A scarf and a nursing cover! Made from 100% bamboo viscose, it is silky soft, breathable and lightweight, it’s safe and comfortable for both mommy and baby. If you’re in the market for a stylish nursing cover, this may be your best bet!

Buy the Infinity Nursing Scarf HERE
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Wildflower Prairie Co. – Muslin Swaddles

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Muslin Blankets! These ones from Wildflower Prairie Co. are so pretty and soft! I love the idea that this brand is a small family owned business which makes it more personal.

These Muslin blankets are soft enough for baby to be warm, safe and secure, and most importantly, help baby sleep soundly. They are big enough for multiple use like swaddling, sleeping blanket and even as a cover up when breastfeeding. I highly recommend checking out this brand for your Muslin blanket needs!

Buy the Muslin Swaddle Blankets HERE
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Email: contact@wildflowerprairie.co

SwaddleDesigns – Blankets

SwaddleDesigns has some of the cutest stroller blankets and muslin luxe blankets! They’re all so soft and perfect for the little ones comfort! From stroller to car seat to cribs, these blankets are a great addition to your baby’s collection. They also have plenty gender neutral ones, so if you’re not looking into finding out the gender before it’s born, there are great color options!

Buy the Stroller Blanket HERE | Buy the Muslin Luxe Blanket HERE
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SwaddleDesigns – Muslin Swaddle Wraps

SwaddleDesigns carries swaddle wraps which are great! They’re basically like a Muslin Blanket, but with adjustable wings to make it a swaddle. And we all know how much little ones love to be swaddled! Plus, these being 100% cotton, they make the baby so cozy due to its softness. Not only that, but they are stretchy as well making it easier to use! A definite must have for those first few months!

Buy the Swaddle Wraps HERE
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SwaddleDesigns – Swaddle Sack and Swaddle Sack with Wrap

SwaddleDesigns carries a line of Swaddle Sacks and Swaddle Sacks with Wrap. These are great to have for you little one as they go for different stages of age.

The Swaddle Sack with Wrap is for newborn 0-3 months of age.features 3/4 length sleeves and mitten cuffs that can be worn opened or closed. The adjustable wrap suppresses the Moro Reflex which is the reflex that startles the baby awake. This sack offers the baby the most flexibility when they sleep.

The Transitional Swaddle Sack itself doesn’t have the wrap part, but is very similar in how it keeps the little one snuggled up and swaddled. It is for the age of 3-6 months and is the second stage of the Swaddle. It also has partial suppression of the Moro Reflex and allows baby’s to use their arms if they roll over. These are all about safe sleep which is so important for little ones!

Buy the Swaddle Sack with Wrap HERE | Buy the Transitional Swaddle Sack HERE
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Kiinde – Twist Gift Set

For those mothers who will be breastfeeding and pumping, this one is for you! The Kiinde brand is perfect and has a Twist Gift Set which has everything you need for storing your milk. This revolutionary breastfeeding accessory kit allows mothers to pump her milk directly into the pouch as well as feed baby directly from the pouch as well which is less exposure to germs. These can also be used with any pump on the market!

This set also comes with a Twist Keeper where you can store all pouches of breast milk in a more convenient and organized way. This system is BPA free, Pthalate-Free, PVC-Free, Recyclable, and top rack dishwasher safe. Below is a list of what is included in this set:

20 – 6oz Twist Pouches, Direct-Pump, Recyclable Breastmilk Storage Pouches
14 – Twist Direct-Pump™ Adapters (compatible with ALL major pump brands)
1 – Twist Keeper™ Breastmilk Storage Bag Holder
1 – Kozii® Breastmilk and Bottle Warmer
2 – Twist Squeeze™ Natural Feeding Bottles
1 – Slow-Flow Twist Active Latch® Nipple with Case
1 – Medium-Flow Twist Active Latch® Nipple with Case
1 – Fast-Flow Twist Active Latch® Nipple with Case
2 – Nipple Cleaning Brushes

Buy the Kiinde Twist Gift Set HERE
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Delta Children – Montgomery Mini Crib

Delta Children has a TON of furniture for nurseries, but sometimes like me, one doesn’t have the luxury of an extra room for that. Luckily, they are starting to carry a mini crib collection. This will fit very nicely in my master bedroom.

Not to mention, I love having the baby with me for at least the first year. It’s the anxiety of making sure the baby is okay, you feel me? But this mini crib is gorgeous. I love the faded wood look. Adding some nice bedding and pillows, this will definitely be one chic crib!

Delta Kids will have this available on their site September 2019
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There you have it! A list of products I feel are much needed with a new baby. It is always hard to know what to get when having a baby and sometimes, we tend to get things we do not need or do not use often enough to make it worth spending on. The above products are definite must haves for me and you should check them out! Also, many products are available on Amazon, click HERE to see the list!

***Please note, these products were sponsored in exchange for review. All reviews are my personal opinion. I would not share something I do not feel comfortable sharing or if I do not feel is a good product. Also, none of the links are affiliate links. The only affiliate link is to Amazon where these products can also be purchased and I do receive a small commission on purchases made.

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  1. I loved your ideas for baby items must haves! Those MuslinDesigns products are beautiful, will definitely check them out for my sister-in-law who is due soon. Thank you!


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