Growth spurts are seriously some fun stuff. {Insert Sarcasm Here} Not only do babies get bigger (hence always having to buy new baby clothes!) and grow during this time, but these growth spurts come with some surprises. Especially if you’re a first time mom, these surprises could be alarming or plain frustrating.

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Of course my baby has been going through them. And even so I have 2 older kids, because of the nearly 8 year gap, these surprises that come with growth spurts still make me nervous and question what’s going on!

3 signs your baby is going through a growth spurt

Baby growth spurts actually occur most during their first year of life (12 months). Most times the first one is around the 10 day old mark. Then usually around 3-6 weeks old and then every few months after that. So basically 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age. This is why babies change so much in their first year!

But can we tell if our baby is going through a growth spurt? Read on to learn the 3 Signs Your Baby is Going Through a Growth Spurt.

3 Signs Your Baby is Going Through a Growth Spurt

More Sleep or Less Sleep

Usually, a baby who is having a growth spurt will sleep more than usual in the days leading up to the growth spurt.

But don’t be alarmed if your child looks exhausted or just laying their head down all day. If it happens around the weeks/months they would normally have a growth spurt, you can chalk it up to that.

Be sure though that if they sleep more than usual, not to wake them for feedings. Physiological growth is happening during this time. Babies also grow in their sleep and you don’t want to interrupt their sleep. They’ll wake and eat when they’re hungry.

For me, my baby does get exhausted during the day. She tends to nap more or just lay her head down while she’s playing and takes a break.

Also, nights are tougher for sure. She tends to be up more often, nursing in the night more than usual. Basically everything is all mixed up. Their sleep patterns are definitely going to be mixed up or weird for a bit. This is a reason why I don’t usually sleep train my babe – for this exact reason!

3  signs your baby is going through a growth spurt

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More Hungry than Usual (Or less)

Many babies going through a growth spurt may be hungrier than usual. This means they may want more bottles or nurse more often.

This is where the sleep comes into play. My baby has harder nights as she wakes more often and night feeds way more than usual. Hungry baby!Exhausting, right?

Nursing moms, don’t be afraid. Your body will create more milk during this time as the baby feeds more. And bottle feeding moms, just add a little bit more formula to each feeding as needed.

Just a side note: My mom has always said babies who are going through a growth spurt normally DON’T eat and then after the spurt, they will eat up a storm. This is why I feel maybe some don’t eat and then right after, they eat away!

So moms, if your baby seems to not want to eat or only wants to eat all day for a few days, don’t panic. This is totally normal and mostly due to the growth spurt.

Crankier and Fussier

Ever notice your baby crankier or fussier than usual? Only lasting a couple to a few days even so it feels like forever? Don’t fret. This is most likely due to a growth spurt.

My baby tends to be more clingy and doesn’t want to be put down. And everything and anything annoys her or bothers her which means, more crying and whining!

This will pass once the spurt does. Just soothe your baby as much as you can during this time.

Do keep in mind that babies may experience multiple sleep regressions at different age marks and possibly a more significant one at the 4 month mark. This may be the reason for one of your baby’s growth spurts. Read to learn more about sleep regressions over at Twinning A to Z.

3 signs your baby is going through a  growth spurt


This time may be extra exhausting or frustrating for you, but it’s also exhausting for your baby too. Usually these growth spurts thankfully only last a couple to a few days and pass – until the next one!

Of course if your baby is going more than 2-3 days with these symptoms and your mommy instinct tells you something may be up, don’t be afraid to speak to your child’s pediatrician.

Keep in mind, these symptoms could also be due to teething or they may just need some extra comfort due to a change in routine. I know for me, teething wrecks havoc on my little one!

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