It all started a month ago. I decided I wanted to be more serious with my blog which meant, I needed to be more serious with my Pinterest as it’s the best platform to get your blog/website seen. At that time, I only had 16k Monthly Viewers. This was without sharing anything or pinning new pins for a while, but from pins I already had that people kept seeing. So that is why I have written this blog post on how I grew my Pinterest Monthly Views in ONE month.

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Now I know monthly viewers aren’t the biggest thing or something that should be looked at. But I feel knowing I have a lot of viewers helps my blog posts be seen. At the end of the day, it is all about Link Clicks and that is what we want. But we can’t complain that seeing a good high monthly viewers number keeps us going and motivated.

So a month ago, I decided “THAT’S IT!” I am going to be more consistent on Pinterest and get my Monthly Viewers up in hopes my blog views goes up too. Within a month of seriousness, I went from 16k views to 249k views! Now, I am no pro and I just did some things that I knew was important when it comes to using Pinterest. I know there are many Pinterest Pros out there with tons of tips and tricks and do’s and don’ts, but I wanted to share from my end as a regular blogger how I grew that much in one month.

And for those of you wanting to grow like me, the first step is to remember that Pinterest is not another social media platform. It is a Search Engine where people go to search for things such as recipes, home decor inspiration, topics on parenting and more. So if you are in the Pinterest game for the social aspect of it, this is not the right platform for you.

Below are photos from when I started (well, a couple days after as stupid me forget to take a photo of my starting numbers) compared to todays monthly viewers.

Simple Steps How I Grew My Pinterest Monthly Views In ONE Month

First things first, Pinterest is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is going to be your main focus throughout everything you do on Pinterest.

Enhanced My Pinterest Profile:

When I went back to my Pinterest after a while of not using it, I saw how much I needed to change it up: from my profile picture to my bio. I was so simple then and didn’t care about these things, but they’re very important!

I first started off with my name people see. Mine is: The Stylish Mommy – Motherhood and Lifestyle Blogger. You want keywords in your name. It is all about SEO, even when it comes to your profile. I know mine can be better, but that is what I have for now.

Next is your Bio. This is VERY important. You want to add any and all keywords that have to do with your Niche and what you post. This will help people searching about topics you post find you.

Lastly, you want a great profile picture. The best is a photo of yourself so people can see the face behind all those pins and posts. Also, closer up is better than a full body picture because when people see a face more clearly, it makes it more personal.


I went through all my boards. I archived ones that were old and didn’t pertain to my niche (from before blogging days). The boards I kept I fixed them up. What do I mean? SEO / Keywords are important for Board Titles AND Board Descriptions. So I went in and edited all this the best I could. Because like I said, I am no pro LOL.

So for example, I have a board called “Motherhood & Children.” I feel that has 2 good keywords. The description also includes these keywords as well as some other ones that have to do with the Pins that are pinned to this board. The descriptions are very important when it comes to Pinterest SEO. For me, I lacked the keywords and board descriptions, so editing this definitely helped.

Below are photos of a few of my Boards showing the title and descriptions I have (and I am still working on perfecting them, so they’re not fully complete):

Pin Images:

Now this is where I stepped up my game. They’re still not perfect, but they look good to me and people are definitely noticing them. My old pin images were not interesting or good to the point I look at them now and I am like “what was I thinking?” They were simple and boring.

Also, don’t stick to ONE pin image per post. You want to create multiple pin images including different titles, but that have to do with the link you are sharing. Think of the catchy titles or call to action titles. Also, create new pins which are called “Fresh Pins” and Pinterest loves and favors this over the same pin image being re-shared / re-pinned many times. Now, you can re-share the same pin image to multiple boards you have that have to do with the same subject, but I would give it a week in between doing so.

As far as what I did with my old pins? I deleted some. I left some. All depended on if they had views/saves or not.

ALSO, when you Pin an Image, YOU MUST REMEMBER: Use Keywords in the title and description of that pin. This is how your pin will get noticed. You want this part to be as good as you can get it to be.

Of course many advise to keep all pin images similar, but that for me personally isn’t something I stuck to and my Pinterest still grew. I have used different Instagram story apps to create my pin images (like Seen and Ash), but I am now using Canva more. Also make sure the graphic is the size recommended by Pinterest which is 735 x 1102 pixels. Canva actually has Pinterest Images you can create.

Lastly, make sure the fonts you are using are readable. You want people to see your title instantly and not have to quint to see what it says which could cause them to just keep scrolling. I also like to use a couple fonts for the same image to make it more fun and interesting.

And always, ALWAYS create quality pin images, titles and descriptionsALL the time. Not just when you have the time to do so.

Below are some of the images I created:

Pin Titles and Descriptions

This is VERY important. Keep SEO in mind for these. This is how your pins will be noticed when people are searching certain topics on Pinterest. The title you chose for a pin, make sure it has keywords and then use that title in the description as well as more keywords within that topic. This will help your pin rank higher for Pinterest users to see.

Below are a couple of my Pin Titles and Descriptions (And remember, I am still learning SEO and Keywords myself so this goes to show just simple SEO can help a long way. And when I get better, I am sure it will generate more clicks):

Group Boards

Group boards are great for getting your pins noticed by those who aren’t your followers or if you don’t show on users feeds. These boards can help potentially get you more noticed and more clicks.

There are many group boards out there. You can find some by seeing other bloggers boards and seeing which group boards they are in and request to join. Issue is, not always do you get a response after doing what they require you to do to join. But keep trying and apply to many boards. Also make sure the group boards you join are within your niche. I think the best amount of group boards to be in is around 9.

Group boards is where I re-pin my pins to. But I have tried pinning without putting them into a group board as well and saw after 24 hours, my analytics for that pin turned out great without pinning to group boards. So it’s really all about SEO.


Okay, I am only adding this here because I use it for Pin Analytics as I do not trust Pinterest analytics as they always glitch. One day it shows me 5k views and the next day is shows 28 views and says thats the last 30 days. Um, no. Cant be LOL.

I do know many use Tailwind for Tribes (still trying to figure this out) and for setting up their pins to be posted automatically so they don’t need to do it. Definitely makes life easier and one day when I can afford it making money from my blog, I will as there is a fee for Tailwind.

BUT, I don’t use Tailwind for Automatic Pinning and have been pinning manually and got my monthly viewers up to 249k doing just that. IT IS POSSIBLE!

EDIT: I caved in and purchased Tailwind and it’s been easier. Only because juggling kids, work and Pinterest has been hard. But it is defiantly a game changer! Get a $15 credit by clicking HERE!!

BUT, I did grow my Pinterest prior to getting Tailwind all on my own manually pinning!

The above are the steps I took this last month which helped me grow. I wanted to create this post to share with you all how it is possible to grow fast and easily without having to use app schedulers and the such. As long as you have quality content and create quality Pin Images as well as putting Keywords into you Pin Title and Description, you will grow!

And so I do not forget, YOU WANT TO CLAIM YOUR WEBSITE! This is so that Pinterest knows the links you are sharing are from your website and is trusted in turn, sharing them with Pinterest users. I didn’t claim my website until recently and I see a HUGE difference.

I really hope this helps you grow your Pinterest as well. Like I said, I am no Pinterest Pro and managed to get the results I wanted in a month and I hope you will too! Let me know in the comments if these tips helped you!

And for those wondering, it has helped my monthly blog views! I’m still working on getting more, but first step is seeing more traffic. Next is TONS of traffic one day!

Save for Later, PIN IT!

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Mommy of 3 girls and I blog about all things Life with kids as well as hints of Fashion and Beauty. If you get to know me, I’m a fun and silly person to be around who loves having a good time. But yes, I have my flaws and suffer from anxiety and want to help others who suffer as well. And when I’m in need of therapy, I turn to shopping. Who doesn’t!?

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