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Have you ever thought of how many kids brands out there are available, but you just don’t know about them? Yup, I know I’ve been there and done that. That is why I love finding out about new brands. It’s all about branching out!

This is why I created this blog post sharing kids health, learning and play products of 2020. So much has happened this year that it’s time to take a break and discover new things for our kids to enjoy. Below I’ll be sharing brands we discovered and products we tried!

Kids Health, Learning and Play Products of 2020


With Funkins, lunch has never been more fun! Whether at home or in school, their insulated yet stylish lunch bags are ones to check out. Not only are they roomy for all those yummy snacks, but machine washable too for when those spills happen.

Along with the lunch bags, they have place mats and cloth napkins that are reusable. Made from soft cotton and for smaller hands, your kids are sure to love them! And since these can also be machine washed, reusing is no issue and they can enjoy them daily making eating a fun activity.

Ps, they have the cutest, comfy kids face masks that match their lunch bags, napkins and place mats!

Interested? Use code: Babble2020 for 25% off your lunch bags, place mats and napkins orders through September 15, 2020!

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Grouch Couch Game from Spin Master

Looking for a new fun and entertaining game for kids? Check out the Grouch Couch game packed with tons of humor! Being such a fun game, kids are sure to love it making it a new must have game for your family game nights!

These can be purchased both at Target and Wal-Mart!

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TBH Kids Deodorant, Shampoo and Conditioner

TBH Kids offers health and beauty products for kids minus all those harsh chemicals. This is a great personal care brand for those tweens and teens you have! Using TBH Kids is a great way to start teaching your growing kids good hygiene and clean habits as their bodies change and grow.

Their deodorant for kids is one tweens and teens will love. It’s a charcoal deodorant formulated with coconut oil which helps neutralize any stinky body odor as well as soothes irritated skin. Also, it is formulated with arrowroot powder which absorbs all that unwanted extra moisture.

As for their kids Shampoo and Conditioner, they will keep your kids natural oils locked in without stripping them from their hair. Not only do these products clean their hair and give them a nice scent, they also help control natural hair oils, moisturize, and repair damaged hair while preventing future breakage and giving it a healthy shine!

Interested? Use code: TBH4ME for 15% off site wide (minimum $10 purchase required).

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InstaStudio Hands-Free Video Station from WeCool Toys / Compound Kings

What kid doesn’t like making their own slime AND recording it on video too?! With the InstaStudio, kids can create their own viral videos using trendy backgrounds, mixing tools and various slimy compounds as well as sparkly mix-ins!

Not only that, but this studio can hold any smart phone to record anything from crafts to cooking. I know my daughters are excited for this because they love creating their own “YouTube” style videos and this makes it easier for them!

The InstaStudio can be purchased at Target!

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Zenni Kids Blue Light Glasses

Head back to school with Zenni Eyewear! Zenni carries fashionable eyewear for kids made of high quality acetate and are available in a range of sizes to fit face shapes of kids aged 4-15.

These blue light glasses for kids include adjustable temple tips for easy at home adjustments if needed as well as extended nose pads for comfort. Zenni’s Blokz Lenses are designed to block out any and all harmful UV and Blue Light to protect young and growing eyes from digital eye strain, blurred vision and disrupted sleep.

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MyWish4U ‘Lunch Notes from Me!’

These lunch notes are so fun! I have always wanted to do these little notes thing for my girls, but haven’t ever. Now I can! MyWish4U makes it fun and easy. All you have to do is tear off one of the notes and place it anywhere for your kids to see.

These notes help brighten any kids day and reminds them of how much they’re loved and always being thought of. Also, with their fun jokes, kids are sure to love them!

These notes are not just for parents, but can be used by grandparents, caregivers and teachers as well! And being only $4.99 for a pack of 101 notes, I say that’s an amazing deal!

These can be purchased at either the MyWish4U website or in store at Target!

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Hopefully the above gave you some new ideas of what to buy for your kids! Especially with the new school year just around the corner. I know my kids are definitely loving these health, learning and play products of 2020. It’s not every day you learn about a new product, so hopefully this post helped you out a bit!

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