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Many kids this year have gone from homeschooling or remote classes to in class learning. My girls have already been in school last year and again this year. And now since school is in session, there are a few products that are great to have on hand both for us parents and for our kid themselves.

Below are 3 products we have and feel you need to check out!

Mederma Scar Cream

My girls to this day STILL get scrapes / cuts that unfortunately, leave scars. Being girls, this may not be the prettiest sight for them. With Mederma Scar Cream, we can rest assured that their back to school days will be handled when it comes to any boo-boos. Whether it be from gym time at school or just an accidental trip in the hallway, Mederma comes in handy.

Mederma Scar Cream is the #1 recommended treatment among Pediatricians, Doctors, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Pharmacists. It is not just about the scars – it is actually more than that and deeper than the naked eye can see! Mederma has a Unique Triple Action Formula which doesn’t just sit on the surface, but it penetrates deeper beneath the skin in order to visibly reduce the appearance of scars. By doing this, it helps collagen production, cell renewal and locks in moisture.

But remember! Don’t wait to use Mederma Scar Cream. Make sure to use it as soon as the wound has closed (not on any open wound) and use for 8 weeks afterwards.

Make sure to grab Mederma Scar Cream at Amazon HERE.


Send your kids off to school knowing that they will look forward to lunch time just to be able to read your lunch note! But you don’t have to write them or think of the ideas yourself. MyWish4U has got you covered!

The MyWish4U Lunch Notes from Me! are a fun way for parents to interact with their child even when they are in school. These notes are easy to tear off (in little booklets) and add to their lunch boxes. They are also very thoughtful, inexpensive ($4.99 for 101 notes sold at Target) and kids enjoy them! Not only are they thoughtful, but with these notes, kids will be learning something new each day.

The 3 notes featured are:
Zany Facts & Zingers – Super Funny jokes about our world as well as interesting facts.
Brainteasers & Giggles – Clever brainteasers and silly jokes make this a favorite as well as help kids learn to reason and think differently.
Cool Facts & Jokes– Some fascinating yet cool facts to learn about the world while adding some laughs.

Besides for being available at Target, you can also get them on the MyWish4U site HERE.

STEM Like a Girl Book

STEM Like a Girl Book is great for girls ages 8-12. This book provides 15 hands-on STEM based experiments that kids can do at home. It also shows 35 inspiring girls who have done these experiments in their own home. This book helps provide girls with the knowledge and confidence to become future problem solvers and thinkers.

Besides for the 15 experiments in this book, it shares 35 diverse girls who have actually done them, sharing reasons why science is fun as well as why it matters to them and how they have gained confidence by embracing it. As Kate T. Parker (author of Strong is the New Pretty) said:

“It’s so important for our girls to know they’re smart, capable and creative because THEY ARE. STEM Like a Girl helps our girls to see the world around them as accessible and within reach through inspiring the creativity that is already there.”

Get this amazing STEM Like a Girl Book HERE as they are great home activity science experiments!

So what are you waiting for? With School in Session this year, get your hands on these products. You won’t regret it!

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School is in session
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