It is that time of year again! Whether celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, it gets stressful trying to figure out what to get for friends and family. Luckily, I have put together a guide of gift ideas for you! Making it even more hassle free, I have linked everything for you so you don’t have to scavenger hunt around for them! And even so this list isn’t huge, I added products I feel could be great and I have personally tried or use myself (or my family).

Gifts For Children

Opal Boulevard

Know a little girl who loves bows? Opal Boulevard is your one stop shop for anything bows! From clips to headbands, they’re great for little babies all the way to older girls. Coming in different sizes, prints, colors and bow styles, these bows are sure to stand out! I know this is a shop I will be constantly checking out as I have 2 girls of my own!

Not only that, but Opal Boulevard donates 10% of all sales to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help find a cure for childhood cancer. Literally a win-win purchase and a great buy for the Holidays!

To purchase this set of bows, click HERE
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The Birth Poster

The Birth Poster is a great gift idea for parents, but also for children as they can keep it with them forever! It is an adorable keepsake where it has the child’s name, date of birth, and size of the child at the time of birth printed on a poster. Also, you get to chose a background color if wanted. It is so unique and such a memorable product. This is a no brainer holiday gift idea when in search for a cherish-able gift as it will be loved by everyone.

To purchase The Birth poster, click HERE
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Little Bae Bae

Now isn’t this just the cutest holiday gift idea ever for that cute little babe you know in your life? The Little Bae Llama Lovely and Matching Retractaclip combo is a great addition to any baby out there who is attached to their pacifier.

The Retractaclip does not include any dangerous lose cords or a dragging pacifier when the little one is on the go. This is because the clip retracts to a good length after clipping it to them. Being safe to use and also a product that grows with the baby from birth and on, this is a great addition to those with paci’s.

And what is better than a snuggle buddy while sucking on a pacifier? The Llama Lovely is so snuggly and soft, it is sure to be loved by any little one! This combo set is the most adorable and cutest holiday gift for any cutie you may know who needs to make their pacifier skills look cute!

To purchase the Little Bae Llama Lovely & Matching Retractaclip, click HERE
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Squeezamals – Picnic Pack

What child does not love Squeezamals?! They are so soft and squishy (but don’t rip over time thanks to their fabric covering!), not to mention, each one has a delicious smell! Their Picnic Pack is a cute gift idea as it comes with a picnic basket and 4 surprise Squeezamal packs to open. The more surprises, the better! This is a great Holiday Gift idea when in search for a toy!

To purchase Squeezamals Picnic Pack, click HERE
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Squeezamals – 3Deez

Squeezamals 3Deez are the latest on the market! They are so cute and soft, smell delicious like the others, but in a more 3D type plush! My girls absolutely love these, not to mention anything to do with Squeezamals! They also come in a few different sizes! Grabbing a set of these for a little girl makes for a great holiday gift.

To purchase Squeezamals 3Deez, click HERE – They can also be purchased at local retailers like Target and Walmart.
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BuddyPhones is created by ONANOFF and is all about form, function and safety. Obviously in this day and age, children are more on electronics then we would like them to be. And sometimes, the sound is on and we just do not want to hear it. Thankfully, with BuddyPhones, children can safely (thanks to it being volume-limiting) wear these headphones while watching or playing on their electronics.

The Wave BuddyPhone is wireless, waterproof and has a life span of over 20 hours as well as has safe audio listening modes. It also has a 30 foot range which is great for children who get up and walk around or do other things while listening to what is being played on their electronics. It also is a fold-able design, so traveling will be a breeze when packing it. This headphone is a great choice for older children.

The Play BuddyPhone is also wireless, has safe audio listening modes and 14 hours lifespan, but can also withstand the most toughest kids with its durability! The Play also has a 30 foot range as well as a fold-able design for storing and traveling. This headphone is great for all ages, especially for the youngsters who are tough with their things!

BuddyPhones is a great headphone brand to check out when in the market for your children. With its safety and durability, it makes for a great choice. And what is better then getting this as a holiday gift? Children receiving headphones for their electronics is like receiving candy!

To purchase the PLAY, click HERE | To purchase the WAVE, click HERE
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Yellow Scope

Have any girls or know any girls who love science? Yellow Scope sells different science kits for girls and they’re so fun! Let them explore the art of science while having fun at the same and learning at the same time!

The Foundation Chemistry Kit allows them to mix, pour, bubble and create! With a detailed lab notebook that outlines many colorful and surprising experiments, girls will have fun exploring chemical reactions, molecular motions, and temperature!

With Paper Chromatography Kit, girls can uncover hidden colors in plants, art supplies and candies! Including high quality lab supplies, girls can have fun creating hundred of color changing experiments. These science kits are a must for holiday gifts!

To purchase the Foundation Chemistry Kit, click HERE | To purchase the Paper Chromatography, click HERE
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GoPals are the perfect little gift for those who love stuffed animals! They come in a range of different animals and are so soft! They attach to backpack straps, seat belts, bikes/scooters and more giving kids access to their favorite plush at all times. They are also stack-able so more than one can be attached at a time. These are the cutest for holiday gifts for those little ones who love their stuffed animals!

To purchase Jack the Fox, click HERE | To purchase Hadley the Panda, click HERE
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SwaddleDesigns has all your baby needs like swaddles, blankets and more…AND NOW, plush toys! These plushies are so soft and the perfect size for a little baby. They can be kept in the crib, in the car for car rides or even for the little one to play with. They also have matching swaddle blankets (which are so so soft!) which makes it a matching set. These are seriously an adorable holiday gift for the little one(s) in your life and a must buy!

To purchase the Little Lamb Plush Toy, click HERE | To purchase the Baby Elephant Plush Toy, click HERE | To purchase the Little Lambs and Stars Muslin Swaddle, click HERE | To purchase Elephant and Chickies Ultimate Swaddle, click HERE
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Preggie Belly

These Silicone Baby Building Blocks from Preggie Belly are 2 in 1! Not only are they great for sensory development, but also for those little ones who are teething and munching down on everything and anything around them. These blocks are a great holiday gift for the little ones. With numbers, animals and shapes on each block, they’ll also be learning new words everyday!

To purchase the Silicone Baby Building Blocks, click HERE
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Gifts For Women


Nalho shoes for women are unique in that they are made of yoga mats for the soles. This means, comfort! It literally feels like I’m walking on a temper-pedic bed. So so comfortable! This brand is one to look at when in search of shoes to get that someone as a gift for the holidays.

The Amara wedge is seriously one of the most comfiest wedges I have ever worn. Normally I do not wear shoes with height during pregnancy, but this one is an exception! It is so perfect and love how sophisticated it looks on! This can be worn during a day out shopping or even on a date night. Perfect shoes and perfect gift for the holidays! (I am wearing Amara in Light Gray – it comes in 3 other colors).

The Karabi espadrille sandals in Metallic is definitely a must have! These can go for a day on the beach or day out around town. They’re so comfortable so you won’t be having issues walking tons! I love the gold metallic because it dresses up any dull outfit in an instant. Also, there are multiple ways this sandal can be tied – there is no wrong way! This is another great gift for the holidays, even for yourself!

Let me start off by saying, the TAJ Fur is AMAZING! Not only is it so comfy, but the inside is all lined with fur and so warm! Perfect for those chilly and cold weather days ahead. They also compliment legs so well. Considering I have thin legs and not all ankle shoes look good on me, these ones do! Absolutely a favorite of mine and my new go to for the winter months.

To purchase the Amara in Light Gray, click HERE | To purchase the Karabi in Metallic, click HERE | To purchase the Taj Fur, contact the shop.
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Dazi has the best prints and colors when it comes to their accessories! I have never seen these types or prints really anywhere – so unique! These hair-ties are perfect for everyday wear whether it be spring or winter. They seriously work for all seasons in my opinion as well as made from 100% cotton.

Dazi Hair-Ties make any outfit fun because not only can it be worn as a hair-tie, but also around the handle of your purse, around a belt loop, and even tied as a headband since they are long enough! The ideas for these are endless! I am totally using them on my little girls! Even better, all hair-ties come with a matching tie, so both woman and man can match for the occasion. These are a great idea for a gift because it literally is multi-use!

To purchase the Dazi Hair-Ties, click HERE
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Know anyone who loves to do their own nails? Then Londontown is your go to for nail polishes! These nail polishes are “9-Free”. This means they do not contain Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, TPHP, Acetone, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, DBP, Toulene or Camphor. Not to mention, also vegan and cruelty-free. Londontown also adds in Florium Complex into their products – read what that is HERE. Basically, a healthier alternative to those other polishes out there on the market.

Londontown has so many different colors to chose from, it is actually quite hard to make a decision! The ones listed are ‘Thames from the Eye,’ ‘Opal,’ and ‘Bell Flower’ as well as their Nail Hardener & Base Coat and Gel Genius Top Coat. They also sell ridge fillers, top coats, bottom coats, all those good nail needs! Nail polishes from Londontown are a great idea for a gift for those beauty lovers out there!

To purchase Thames from the Eye, click HERE | To Purchase Opal, click HERE | To Purchase Bell Flower, click HERE |To Purchase Nail Hardener & Base Coat, click HERE | To Purchase Gel Genius Top Coat, click HERE
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My Phone Pouch

Have you ever just wanted an easy way to carry your cell phone while it also being at an ‘easy access’ reach without the hassle of fiddling around for it? My Phone Pouch is the newest product out there that is a must! Even so it is designed for women, men can and do use it as well.

My Phone Pouch is soft, stretchy and of course, comfortable to wear. Simply attach it around any sturdy waistband or belt and voila! You have extra pockets and an accessible and secure place to keep your phone. The My Phone Pouch is a definite must for anyone you know this holiday season who needs a phone carrier! Plus, use code THESTYLISHMOMMY and get 15% off your purchase and free standard shipping in the US!

To purchase the My Phone Pouch, click HERE
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Soul Carrier

Soul Carrier creates beautifully crafted fashion accessories so one can express their authenticity. One should follow their soul and discover the Soul Carrier’s True North Collection. When someone listens to their own True North, this means they know where they want to go in life, the values they stand for and the goals they want to accomplish. This collection of handbags contains a tote, messenger, small satchel and a clutch – The Connection Clutch (shown above).

Once can stay connected to their soul with the Connection Clutch and discover how stylish yet versatile this one bag can be. It can be used for a night out or used as an organizer to hold ones makeup or small items/accessories. This clutch has a journey and can go in either direction.

Soul Carrier leather is ethically and sustainably sourced and certified to be free of harmful toxins and chemicals. Each handbag is artisan made in Mexico in a conscious and fair-trade manner giving it its own uniqueness. The brands founder Jennifer Boonlorn’s goal is to design products that are not only beautiful, but inspirational for people to carry their soul in every action they take.

Use code: STYLISHMOMMY10 for 10% off your order!

To purchase the Connection Clutch, click HERE | To check out the entire True North Collection, click HERE
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Arcopedico shoes are made for comfort and allowing there to be circulation as well as distribution of weight throughout the body. These shoes also support the arch which we all know is most important when in search of shoes.

The Luana Booties are the perfect holiday gifts for moms (I know my mom will love hers!) or anyone who is into comfort and style! These booties feature a twin arch system on a slight edge giving them a more fashionable appearance. The booties are vegan and made of faux suede making them soft, lightweight and breathable. This brand is a definite must have for anyone in need of comfortable shoes!

To purchase the Luana Bootie, click HERE
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Boob Design

Boob Design is a great place to shop for moms and moms to be. They have on trend clothing as well as postpartum clothing making it easy for nursing moms to feed their little one. From leggings to dresses to tops, sweaters and even nursing bras, Boob Design is a perfect one stop shop! The fabric used are all soft and sizes are true to what is said on the tag. This is a great holiday gift for those preggos out there, even those breast feeding!

To purchase Nursing Bras, click HERE | To purchase Leggings, click HERE | To purchase Tops, click HERE | To purchase Dresses, click HERE
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FRE Skincare

FRE Skincare is a great holiday gift idea for those who love skincare! They also have products for skincare as well, so you can get everything in one place. What’s important is they are paraben free, vegan, cruelty free, won’t clog pores, dermatologist tested and for all skin types making it great for anyone.

The Detox Set from Fre Skincare prevents sweat induced damage, breakouts, dehydration, redness and premature aging in order to create a healthy glow. This system is made from organic Argan Oil and fresh water extract in order to protect, purify, clear and revive skin. In my opinion, this is a must have system (or other system from Fre Skincare) that everyone should be using!

To purchase The Detox Set, click HERE
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Preggie Belly

I feel this is more a gift for Mommy or Mom to Be over the baby. The baby nest from Preggie Belly makes it so easy to have the baby sleep beside the mother or even in their crib where it will keep them nice and snuggly. Not only that, but baby can use it even for play-time or tummy-time. Seriously multi-usage! With different colors and prints, this makes for a great holiday gift for the mamas out there!

To purchase the Baby Nest Portable Baby Bed, click HERE
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Hudson and Wilder

Hudson and Wilder is more of a “shop small” business. The owner is so sweet and quick to respond – not to forget, very helpful and honest. This shop has a variety of items and the owner is always bringing in new items which is amazing! She has a Facebook group you can request to join and posts new items daily. This pink backpack diaper bag she sells (also comes in black) is an item I received from this shop and I love it! It can also be used as a non-diaper bag for those who love cute bags. A great gift for any female in need to a bag!

To purchase the Oh Baby Vegan Diaper bag, click HERE
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Lucky Chick

Know any beauty gurus out there? Lucky Chick is a great makeup brand, especially for lips to check out! With different color lip shades as well as gorgeous shimmery ones (I love to use them as toppers!), this brand is sure to be a favorite! Not only that, but they have sets which make buying gifts for the holidays so easy! Multiple shades all in one package. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with makeup when it comes to holiday gift shopping!

To purchase the Masterpiece Gift Set, click HERE | To purchase the Golden Lip Glaze, click HERE | To purchase the Shimmery Lip Glaze, click HERE | To purchase the Splendid Lip Lacquer, click HERE
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Morgan Taylor Lacquer

Morgan Taylor Lacquer has gorgeous polish colors for this Holiday Season making it a great holiday gift to get for those nail polish addicts! Not only that, but they have partnered with Gelish to bring you these gorgeous colors and sparkles. The Holiday Winter 2019 collection features 12 different colors and glitter shades, but these colors are also great for wearing all year round as well. Not to mention, they last a good amount of time before even starting to chip which is a plus!

The Champagne and Moonbeams 2019 Collection (as pictured) will be available for purchase for a limited time from November 2019 at Retail price is $9.50/per bottle. To purchase polishes/sets directly from the site, click HERE
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Oh Baby Boxes

Oh Baby Boxes is a subscription box which pamper the pregnant mama during her pregnancy! What is more amazing than that as a holiday gift idea for an expectant mama? Not only that, but the boxes ease into the postpartum life as well making mom feel beautiful and good about herself. But don’t worry, each box is curated for the specific month of pregnancy and all items are safe to use! The Oh Baby Box helps moms to be have a beautiful pregnancy journey.

In this Oh Baby Box I have received, it included the following:
– Hospital Checklist and Baby Tracker
Belli Skincare Stretchmark Minimizing Cream
Flower Mill Balm Shell Facial Cleansing Balm
Kocostar Lemon Slice Mask
Measurable Difference Lavender Lav-ish Detox Coconut Milk Bathbomb
Nellie’s 15 Load Laundry Powder
Xpand Original No Tie Lacing System
Maskeraide Spotted Detoxifying Blemish Patches
Oh Baby Boxes “Baby Mama” Maternity Tank

To purchase/subscribe to the Oh Baby Box, click HERE
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Cooper and Belle

I feel that these products from Cooper and Belle are more for a new mommy or mommy to be as well as for the new little addition. The Diaper Caddy is the product to give as a holiday gift for that new mom. It helps keep baby items like diapers, wipes, soap/lotion, etc. organized. It also makes traveling so much easier as all baby products can be organized neatly in the caddy and carried to the car. Even keeping it as a car organizer for the baby is great!

The Cooper and Belle Bath Apron is the best invention out there! It is innovative and safe for those taking their babes out of the bath. Because parents can wear the towel, getting the little one out of the bath will be a breeze since they won’t need to hold the towel with their chin, etc. which makes bath time more stressful. I personally love mine and love how they made this towel to be worn – making it easy to get the baby out of the bath and wrapped in the towel nice and warm.

The Bandana Bibs are too cute and perfect stylish bibs for the stylish baby. They are also made from muslin material and 100% natural cotton, so they are soft and comfortable for the little one to wear. Since there is no polyester in the fabric, these bibs are more absorbent than other bibs out there. They also feature 2 colors so they can be worn either way – reversible! Not only are these bibs, but they can be burp cloths, wash cloths or just about anything you may need to use them for. These are definitely a great gift for the holidays for the expectant or new mommy!

To purchase the Diaper Caddy, Baby Bandana Bibs and Bath Apron, click HERE
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Hannah B Jewelry

Hannah B Jewelry is a favorite of mine! On trend earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and more, but at seriously affordable prices! If you’re looking for jewelry as a holiday gift this year, this shop is your go to!

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Bentoko Travel

This gift idea from Bentoko Travel can actually work for women AND men! They come in different vibrant colors and are the perfect gift for those who travel or just need help staying organized when traveling. Each set comes with 5 packing cubes and 1 bag. This is a MUST buy holiday gift for those who travel!

To purchase the Bentoko Travel set, click HERE
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Gifts For Men


What guy doesn’t like wearing ties? Okay, some may not, but come on, these ties from Dazi are seriously amazing! So unique with their prints, they are sure to be the one standing out from the crowd. These skinny ties are trendy and different, they make the best gift since you most likely won’t be seeing them on others. Made from 100% cotton and being soft, these ties are the way to go when in search for a tie as a gift!

To purchase Skinny Ties, click HERE
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Men need traveling necessities as well! And even so this backpack can be for anyone to use, this style backpack from Fenrici is perfect for the man in your life! Whether they are using it for work or traveling or just anything in general, this backpack is not only simple, but stylish at the same time.

It has a compartment for laptops so that it is protected, win! It is also heavy duty and reinforced with a top handle that can withstand anything heavy, like heavy books. Even so this backpack is slim, it fits anything and everything with all its compartments and pockets. If you are in search of a bag for your father, husband, brother, or just anyone in general, the Fenrici backpacks are the way to go!

To purchase the Fenrici Backpack, click HERE
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Henri Lou Designs

You can never go wrong with a wallet for men for the holiday season. Henri Lou Designs has a handful of different styles, and they’re so unique! The HL 3 Fold Wallet is made with genuine leather and the unique L Fold design (3 fold) gives so much space for more cards to be held, cash and an easy view window for the ID. Basically, everything is organized!

Besides for men’s wallets, Henri Lou Designs has multiple lines of jewelry and handbags for both men and women. This brand only uses the highest quality of leather, suede and precious stones. Their stylish designs are different than what you normally see in stores at the mall. Henri Lou Design is a great option for holiday gifts!

To purchase the HL 3 Fold Wallet, click HERE
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The Urban Portfolio Briefcase from KeySmart is an ultra organized slim hard shell briefcase. It has 12+ pockets and also a 16″ protective laptop pocket. Not only that, but this briefcase is durable as well as water-proof! Having all these features makes it better than the others on the market. This makes for a great holiday gift for the busy business man!

To purchase the Urban Portfolio Briefcase, click HERE
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Gift Stuffers

Leaders Cosmetics USA

Leaders Cosmetics USA brings the best in Korean Sheet Masks by combining innovative technology and proven natural ingredients. Skincare, especially these easy “20 minute” sheet masks make for great holiday stuffers for anyone!

To purchase Facial Sheet Masks, click HERE
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Cricket Co.

These hair tins from Cricket Co. are amazing for holiday stuffers! These tins include bobby pins and hair ties, perfect for those who are always on the go!

To purchase “Eat Sleep Messy Bun Repeat” tin, click HERE | To purchase the “Top Knot Double Shot” tin, click HERE | To purchase the “Messy Bun Done” tin, click HERE
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Tattoo Junkee

Tattoo Junkee makes great holiday stuffers for the makeup lovers out there. Their matte lipsticks seriously last all day and there is no need to reapply. Some come with glitter that can be added on top prior to drying to add some sparkle. They also carry other makeup products such as brushes and highlighters, Tattoo Junkee is a definite for holiday gifts!

To purchase the Tattoo Junkee Collection, click HERE
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Our Friendly Forest

This Fart Fairy and Unicorn Poop plushies from Our Friendly Forest are the funniest little toys for those girls who love funny fart noises! My girls absolutely love these and think they’re the best. They make for amazing stuffers for the holidays!

To purchase the Fart Fairy, click HERE | To purchase the Unicorn Poop, click HERE
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Piggy Paint

Piggy Paint are non-toxic water-based nail polishes for girls making them SAFE! There are no harsh chemicals making this a great holiday gift stuffer for those little girly girls out there. With tons of fun colors to purchase, she will be in her own little nail salon the second she opens them!

To purchase Piggy Paint Polishes, click HERE
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SOPHi Polishes

SOPHi Polishes are water based and free from all harsh chemicals. This brand nail polishes for women was created by Piggy Paint polishes for kids. These polishes allow the nails to stay healthy without turning yellow or getting brittle. These make for great holiday gift stuffers for those who love doing their own nails!

To purchase SOPHi Polishes and Products, click HERE
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BeautyStat Cosmetics Universal C Skin Refiner and Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream are great stuffers for the holidays for those who love to take care of their skin.

The Universal C Skin Refiner is a powerful vitamin C skincare product. Over time, skin improves in radiance and smoothness and is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Ones skin tone becomes more even as well as lines, wrinkles and dark spots diminish over time. Skin therefore becomes firmer and and more healthy in appearance.

The Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream is light as air and includes hyaluronic acid that binds moisture to skin. This cream keeps the skin smooth, supple and hydrated throughout the day. A definitely must buy gift for those in need of these skin loving products!

To purchase the Universal C Skin Refiner, click HERE | To purchase the Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream, click HERE
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JUMPER Threads

JUMPER Threads sells the most lightest, breathable underwear for men and women in the market. It has a micro nylon band, ultra layer mesh vents, naturally anti-odor and have a 4 way ninja stretch. These underwear are also packaged nicely and individually making them a great stuffer for the holiday season!

To purchase Men’s Underwear, click HERE | To purchase Women’s Underwear, click HERE
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Alleyoop‘s newest product on the market is their Multi-Mood Trio! This product is your go to color, but in 3 finishes: matte, gloss and cream! So one day one can go matte and the next glossy, but wearing the same exact color. Also, they all come in one compact case making it a space saver! These are infused with shea butter which lips soft. And what better than them being vegan, cruelty-free and paraben free! This is definitely the perfect stuffer for the holiday season!

To purchase the Multi-Mood Trio, click HERE
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Sunshine and Glitter

Sunshine and Glitter not only has this moisturizing glitter body gel, but they recently started a sunscreen line that is reef safe and eco-friendly! From sparkly to iridescent products, this is a great holiday stuffer for those mermaid/unicorn lovers!

To purchase the Moisturizing Glitter body gel, click HERE
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Those are just some ideas of many for holiday gifts this season! I have received all items above from the brands and wouldn’t share with you anything I don’t feel is good. Also note that all links in this post are not affiliate links and I am not making any commission or percentages for sharing these gift ideas. I created this post to help those out there this holiday season who need some ideas for gifts!

Posted by:The Stylish Mommy

Mommy of 3 girls and I blog about all things Life with kids as well as hints of Fashion and Beauty. If you get to know me, I’m a fun and silly person to be around who loves having a good time. But yes, I have my flaws and suffer from anxiety and want to help others who suffer as well. And when I’m in need of therapy, I turn to shopping. Who doesn’t!?

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