When the holiday season rolls around, getting gifts can seem stressful and time consuming as you may have a hard time with decisions on what to get your family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Fortunately for you, I have created this Holiday Gift Guide 2020 and sharing gift ideas for the holidays for everyone on your list. This can be the woman or man in your life, children, mom, dad, sister, anyone you can think of! And what’s even better is I have added links to everything making your shopping experience easier and quicker!

Hope you enjoy these holiday gift ideas for the 2020 holiday season!

**This post contains affiliate links. This means when you purchase through my links, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting The Stylish Mommy!**

Soul Carrier

What mother, daughter, sister, wife doesn’t like a good clutch? Check out this one from Soul Carrier as well as other bags they carry! I own the clutch shown as well as another style of theirs and all I can say is, they are totally worth it!

A little bit about Soul Carrier: Soul Carrier leather is ethically and sustainably sourced and certified to be free of harmful toxins and chemicals. Each handbag is artisan made in Mexico in a conscious and fair-trade manner giving it its own uniqueness. The brands founder Jennifer Boonlorn’s goal is to design products that are not only beautiful, but inspirational for people to carry their soul in every action they take.

Soul Carrier is definitely a brand to check out for those who love bags, clutches, purses and the such! Also, they have masks now!! And they’re so comfy and soft!

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Vim & Vigor Candle Co.

Know any candle lovers out there? Vim & Vigor Candle Co. is your new go to candle brand to buy candles from!

At Vim & Vigor, they combine 100% natural soy wax with meticulously crafted fragrance combinations before hand pouring all of their candles in unique pure copper and natural wood vessels. All of their candles are handcrafted and poured in Phoenix, Arizona. Especially being someone like me, I love handmade, less toxin candles. Vim & Vigor Candle Co. should be your number one shop to buy candles from if that’s on your list of gifts for the Holiday Season!

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Know any hair accessory lovers? If so, check out Bellefixe!

My girls and I own a handful of headbands and clips from a few of their lines, including their Holiday Line and they are absolutely gorgeous! Not only that, but the quality is great. They don’t fall apart easily or break, especially with my younger girls wearing them. I also love how they are chic and not cheap looking. They make the best hair accessories for any girl, teen or woman who are hair accessory addicts!

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Sperry Shoes

Have you ever owned a pair of Sperry Shoes? If not, you are missing out! Sperry has shoes for the entire family and all ages and make for a great holiday gift this season!

And these boots pictured? I cannot explain enough how comfortable they are! Sperry shoes should be on the top of your list for holiday gifts for 2020 if you’re looking into getting a family member or friend a pair of shoes!

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Palmera Beachwear

Know any beach or poolside fans? Palmera Beachwear is the brand to check out!

Sure to turn heads, the Palmera Beachwear Riviera Collection blends elegance and sophistication, influenced by ocean views and luxurious destinations. Featuring bespoke tropical prints, fast-dry fabrication, PVF50 protection and raw weave string cords, the collection has gone from the runway to the resort and is in keeping with the company’s elegant brand charm. Along with other beautiful prints and colors from other collections, this brand carries those cover ups that are sure to be a favorite.

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Kyte Baby

Kyte Baby is seriously a favorite baby brand of mine for blankets, footies, and more!

They make their baby items with Bamboo Cotton and they’re just so, so buttery soft! Babies love how soft they are for comfort and parents love how soft they are because they’re nice and cozy! Definitely chose Kyte Baby if you’re needing a gift for a baby, toddler and even a young child! PS – they have some things for the mamas out there too!

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MAELYS Cosmetics

We all know that one person who is always complaining about their body and how they wish it were more tight and more firm. This is where MAELYS Cosmetics comes into play with their shaping creams!

They now carry a line of Shaping Body Creams that are clinically proven to sculpt the body, as well as tightening curves, flattening the stomach and plumping the breasts. No more complaining once these creams are used! Definitely give these products a try as you can’t go wrong!

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Hannah B Jewelry

Know any jewelry and accessory lovers out there? Check out Hannah B Jewelry!

I have many items from this small shop and all I can say is the quality is amazing and lasts! I love everything I own and they are always on trend. When I wear the pieces I have, I look chic and put together and I think any jewelry lover out there will love this brand just as much as I do!

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Heres another Jewelry Lover gift idea! Delicora!

Delicora is jewelry for those who are more delicate and love more dainty jewelry. They’re also lightweight which is great for those who cannot stand feeling the jewelry they are wearing. Delicora jewelry is made with hypoallergenic 14k gold filled and sterling silver materials for those with sensitive skin. This brand is great for those who are on the more dainty and simple side!

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Viking Beauty Secrets

Viking Beauty Secrets is a great holiday gift for the organic girl / lady out there.

This certified organic skincare brand has skincare products from face washes, to day creams and night creams. Not only organic, but also Non-GMO, 100% Vegan, Free of Chemicals, No Cruelty, No Animal Testing, No Artificial Colors and No Artificial Fragrances. Can’t beat that! This is a definite must have gift for those out there who are crazy about taking care of their skin!

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Co Lab Hair

The Co Lab Hair Dry Shampoo makes for great stocking stuffers! And their fun prints on their bottles make them all the more fun!

Know someone who uses dry shampoo, but has white residue? Get them Co Lab dry shampoos as they do not leave any white residue! Plus, they’re great for all hair types, colors and textures. So no need to search up if it will work for that friend or sisters hair type!

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Well Told Design

The Well Told Design is the best gift for any of those drink lovers!

They print maps from ANYWHERE you would like on drink ware which is the best idea! I got my husband the map of London as that is his hometown and I thought it would be a cute gift for him as he no longer lives there, but also because he loves drinking wine and an occasional whiskey here and there. If you know anyone who has a love for fine drinks, then getting them their own custom glass with a map you feel they would love is the gift to get!

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The Geekey Go To Tool is the best idea out there for that guy, or even girl!

With it being the size of a regular house key, this tool functions as 16+ different types of tool functions that will be at the palm of their hand at all times. The Geekey is such an amazing gift idea for the handyman or anyone who usually find themselves in a bind and need that extra assistance on the spot.

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KeySmart is a great brand for that man in your life.

They have many products from wallets to laptop cases and small pocket tools! Their products offer more function, but less space taking as well as designs that you are sure to love. They are the perfect brand to check for one of a kind gifts for men.

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Simply Organic Bamboo

This gift idea is perfect for the home decorator! Simply Organic Bamboo has gorgeous and soft sheets that anyone receiving them will fall in love instantly.

Their sheets are handcrafted from 100% certified organic bamboo. They are buttery smooth and will be sheets no one will want to leave in the morning. Simply Organic Bamboo is definitely a must buy holiday gift for those who love a nicely made fresh bed!

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Know anyone who loves aromatherapy? Check out Innogear!

The Innogear diffusers are the perfect gift for the one family friend or family member that’s all about breathing in only clean air with fresh smells. Not only do these diffusers humidify the home, but they also help remove odors. And when adding essential oils, they can reduce stress, enhance calmness and moods and relieve the occasional congestion.

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Desert Harvest

Know someone who loves aloe vera? Desert Harvest offers products for hair and skin that have aloe vera in them. Their products are also 100% natural!

Being that they are made with the purest ingredients, no parabens or any artificial ingredients, this brand will be a favorite for those who love aloe vera and use it often!

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Indie Source

You can never go wrong with stylish and comfortable face masks for the Holidays! Indie Source has got your fashion forward friend or family member covered!

In today’s world, health means wearing a face mask. This Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer pivoted immediately when Angelenos were told they had to wear face masks in public. The manufacturing company quickly adjusted its production capabilities to construct and ship out fabric face masks to those in need. Currently, for every mask that is sold, one is donated to a Los Angeles based front line worker. Love the idea they donate masks for every mask sold, so definitely get masks as gifts for loved ones from Indie Source!

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Zaaina is the perfect beauty care gifts brand for the entire family! Including the cutest kids bar soaps pictured above!

Zaaina products are made with pure raw ingredients and ambrosial for some of the favorite things in life; these are things that personally resonate with shoppers who enjoy the scenery, memories and everyday beauty of life. The line is all natural, handcrafted, cruelty-free, & phthalate-free. Perfect gift idea for the entire family and friends!

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Chalkola is such a great brand for holiday gifts for those artistic people and kids!

They sell a wide range or art supplies including these dot markers pictured above which my kids love! They work so well, so pigmented and full of ink! Chalkola is a definite must buy for those who love arts and crafts! And for 10% off, use code SARAHKO10.

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Himiku Blocks are the funnest and best blocks out there! These will make a great gift for kids!

We own a set and my children are obsessed. They are very different from regular blocks. Building is a little more challenging, but this is what helps the child figure out tougher situations! They’re also fun when 2 kids are having a tower contest to see who can build the tallest tower without it falling. My girls have done this. And if you use code STYLISHMOMMY20, you get 20% off!

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Funkins carries the cutest lunch bags for children! These will be a favorite of those little ones and make great gifts for the holidays.

Being soft and having adorable prints to chose from, children will be excited to bring home made lunches to school instead of buying school lunches. They also have adorable face masks and table wear such as placemats and napkins. Also, all products are machine washable safe!

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Oh Em Gee! CrunchCup comes to the rescue with no mess cereal eating on the go which is the perfect gift idea who kids who are on the go and rushed every morning heading to school!

The best invention yet features a cup that holds milk with a separate spot for the cereal – and no spoon needed! My girls love this item as I’m THAT mom who hates mess and crumbs in the car as well as limits eating in the car. So this makes it easier for them to eat breakfast while in the car on the way to school. A must have for kids and the best gift idea!

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I have shared SwaddleDesigns in the past, but now they offer the cutest and prettiest masks for kids AND adults!

With the situation we currently live in, masks are great gift ideas. Who wants to wear those ugly hospital style ones? Masks can be fun and stylish and SwaddleDesigns is a great brand to check out for masks.

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Keababies has a cute hairbrush set specifically made for those little ones and make great gifts for the Holidays.

Made with sustainable, all natural materials, KeaBabies Luxurious Hair Brush Set was created so a baby can enjoy the most comfortable daily hair grooming. This set is ideal for cradle caps, enhances scalp and blood circulation with the bamboo bristles and will keep the baby’s hair neat without the fuss. Perfect for use after a nice warm bath. Give a baby an extra relaxing treatment before a good night’s sleep.

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Sound of Sleep

Know a little one who has a harder time sleeping? The Lectrophan Alpha by Sound of Sleep has your back and makes a great gift for the holidays for parents of those littles.

The LectroFan Alpha helps babies and toddlers take a nap anywhere.  This device is the newest release from Adaptive Sound Technologies, a brand that specializes in sleep technology.  Designed with your little one’s rest and relaxation in mind, it plays a variety of gentle, soothing sounds. Parents love the portable design and USB charging capabilities as LectroFan Alpha easily attaches to cribs, car seats, strollers and more. A must have gift for those mothers who need their little ones sleeping!

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ESW Beauty

Know any face masks lovers? ESW Beauty is the brand to get some masks for the holiday season! These masks are made from real ingredients packed with fruits and vegetables making this a great holiday gift for those into clean beauty!

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Eco Lips

Know any lip fanatics? Eco Lips is a great brand to get for the holidays for those who love lip treatments. They are also organic and fair trade making it an even better reason to get this brand for the holiday season. And while you’re at it, why not get some for yourself too!

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Cali Life Co.

Know any sunglasses lovers out there? Cali Life Co. has got your back! Their frames are made from mostly natural materials and each pair features a California Any engraved! They also use only Polarized/UV400 lenses.

Sunglasses make for a great Holiday Gift for the 202 years! These ones pictured are so stylish and the husband loves his! Grab some today for friends and family!

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Miami Mask Chains

Know any fashionistas who want to look stylish even while wearing a mask? Check out Miami Mask Chains!

Their masks are so comfortable and breathable – not to mention prints and colors! And their chains, OMG! So many styles to chose from. You’ll want more than one! The Miami Mask Chains is the place to get that fashion. Forward some masks and chains this holiday season!

Don’t forget to use code THESTYLISHMOMMY10 for 10% off your entire purchase!

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I hope you have found some ideas from this Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for your family and friends! Holidays should be a joyous time, not stressful due to gift buying. Shopping online is your best friend!

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