If you like to have all your to-dos and upcoming events, trips, birthdays and important events well organized and at your fingertips, then I have to tell you about your next favorite planner from Southworth Papers!

I know for myself, and being a blogger, I NEED my Southworth Papers Planner with me at all times. For daily mom duties and everyday life reminders, it helps me keep my personal life and work life balanced. Because let’s be real… mom brain is the real deal and I need to keep track of everything going on. Being busy as a mom and blogger calls for staying organized with the best planner for 2021.

Best planner for 2021

With my Southworth 2021 Planner, I am able to keep track of all my blogging and social media work in order so that I meet every deadline and complete every task in a timely planner. In theory, using my phone is an option, but I am the type of person who needs things written down and be able to see everything. It becomes more of a reality than just entering a to-do into my phone and having to search for it.

This is why I am sharing about my Southworth Planner for 2021 as I am sure you will love it just as much as I do!

Southworth Planner for 2021

I own the Rustic Harvest Twin Wire Planner 2021 in the 7″ x 9.25″ size from Southworthand cannot wait to put it to use for the 2021 year. I have already inputted my work to be done that is scheduled for 2021, so I am ahead of the game!

Here are some things about this Planner that make it great!:

  • Starts from January 2021 and ends December 2021. I love this because I hate the ones that start in August. Planners should be for THAT year, not for instance 2020-2021. This makes the most sense for those who work and need to have everything in order.
  • Vertical Column weekly page layout.
  • Monthly Check-ins and recap – I LOVE this feature! This allows you to see what you have accomplished the prior month and set new goals and more.
  • Has a space for notes – This is a must for me when it comes to planners. I need to have a section where I can make some notes that don’t have to do with a certain month or day.
  • Storage Pocket – So much yes to this! When it comes to planners, I need a pocket to store papers I have printed from brands about work to be done for blog posts, instagram posts, etc. So convenient as I don’t need a separate folder and can have everything in order and organized in one place.
  • Elastic Closure – This is a must. This allows for the planner to stay closed at all times and if you have papers inside the pages of the planner, they won’t fall out. It also makes it easier and more neat if carrying around in your bag.
  • Thick Paper – This is great for those who love using markers or decorating their pages with colors and different inks. Nothing will bleed through!
Best planner for 2021

For more Planner details, check out Southworth HERE!

The Southworth Planner for 2021 not only helps you balance your personal life and work life, but also gives those important moments the attention and full effort they need. It helps you be present and live life to its fullest because it keeps all aspects of your life organized whether it’s work, hobbies, school. home or anything else. 

Now, you may be wondering where you can snag your own Southworth 2021 Planner? Your local Staples store! And the price? Unbeatable compared to MANY other planners I have seen and purchased in the past. 

Order your Southworths 2021 Planner today online at Staples and pick up in store. Click HERE!

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Mommy of 3 girls and I blog about all things Life with kids as well as hints of Fashion and Beauty. If you get to know me, I’m a fun and silly person to be around who loves having a good time. But yes, I have my flaws and suffer from anxiety and want to help others who suffer as well. And when I’m in need of therapy, I turn to shopping. Who doesn’t!?

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