It is not everyday you get to learn about a fashion designer by someone other than a big website or fashion channel. And it is not something you hear that a designer is continuously putting her all into her collections and creating even more during the Covid-19 Pandemic. And when the Pandemic hit, it sure took a HUGE hit on fashion designers, including Donna Leah of Donna Leah Designs. But that did not stop her from fulfilling her true passion for fashion!

American Designer, Donna Leah creates one of a kind gowns, evening wear, handbags and accessories. But her pieces are not just a “Fashion Statement.” They communicate a sense of deep power and confidence, something all girls and women should have.

All of Donna Leah Designs pieces make the women wearing them not only feel powerful, but feminine as well. Her designs also have bold colors and textures which I find unique as I haven’t seen much or any at all with the same idea. This is what stands out to me when it comes to being unique!

Donna Leah designs

A Bit About Donna Leah’s Background

Donna Leah was born in New York and into a conservative household. This made it harder for her to express herself and her ideas, especially through what she wore. In her youth years, many hours and days were spent drawing the clothing she dreamt of wearing. These ideas included dynamic textures, bold colors and designs that were based on how they made her feel rather than the time of day she would be wearing them.

As Donna Leah said “For me, growing up in a conservative household made it difficult to express myself. I love the idea of a shawl being a cape. Powerful colors and interesting textures give me the power to feel happy. There is no specific place or time of day to wear Donna Leah Designs. It’s about wearing what you love and how it makes you feel.

Donna Leah designs

She also explains: “I wanted to create a collection that was bold and different, and incorporated elements that made it distinctively Donna Leah. When I wear a gown that sparkles and has a shawl like a cape, I feel like I am my own superhero. I feel that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. It’s why I started the collection with gowns and have added glamourous loungewear that captures the same vibe. What amazes me most are the number of women who feel the same way.”

Donna Leah graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, but she chose to base her brand out of Miami. This is because the dynamic energy of the City of Miami sparks her concepts as her collections are also inspired by nature. She also mentioned that visions for her designs are also influenced by exhibitions such as Art Basal in Miami and the local galleries where her ideas feel fresh.

Donna Leah Designs

Donna Leah also has a ready-to-wear collection besides for her evening wear. And as Donna Leah has said, “In a world that is always changing, and can often be challenging, it’s important to know who you are and express how you feel. It’s the basis of being a self-confident person that is able to handle and grow with the future. That’s what I hope my designs bring to women here, and hopefully, in the future, around the world.”

As we see, Donna Leah has really achieved her dreams! Her designs have been seen at the Oscar Awards and Grammy Awards in 2019. Not only that, but she is admired by many famous people such as Tanya Tucker, Cindy Lauper, Aerosmith, Roots, Cheap Trick and Sharon Osbourne!

Here are some of Donna Leah Designs Evening Wear:

Donna Leah’s Superhero Collection

One of Donna Leah’s newer collection is the “Superhero” collection. This collection is for both adults and children and was created because she always had a dream to become a fashion designer which she succeeded in. Now she is on a mission to help others realize and fulfill their dreams as well. This is the reason for her line of ‘Superhero‘ tops.

My daughter and I have the honor to own these T-Shirts from Donna Leahs ‘Superhero‘ collection as you can see below. We received the ones with the ‘HERO‘ lined in Swarovski crystals making it extra chic!

I also had to honor to ask Donna Leah herself some questions I had. See below!

What inspired you to start designing your own gowns and accessories?
Inspiration by other designers, FIT and my education growing up in New York City and my love for family which loved the arts.

Did you always have a passion for fashion growing up or was it more
recent? (if possible, a little detail into how there became a love for fashion)

Always loved fashion growing up because I was inspired by people society, culture, art and the love for music.

Are you considering branching out and designing a clothing line as well
besides for gowns and accessories?

I am designing a casual collection which includes denim, comfort clothing for everyday. Love to have fun!

What are your hopes and dreams with your brand, Donna Leah
Designs? (ie: making it into department stores, being known worldwide,

My dreams are I want it all in all aspects of design. I would like people to know and love my brand as I love to design and empower women!!

Enjoy these photos of Donna Leahs Ready to Wear Collection and Accessories!

There you have it! All about Donna Leah and her fashion brand, Donna Leah Designs! Now, head over to her website and check out her pieces by clicking HERE.

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Donna Leah designs
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