Building your Capsule Wardrobe

Building your Capsule Wardrobe

Okay, do NOT get me started on clothing topics. I am addicted! Whenever I go shopping, I always seem to find something I WANT. But sometimes, having too much isn't always great. I mean, I buy something, wear it once or twice, decide I do not feel like wearing it anymore and it just makes [...]

My Top 5 Accessories

In this blog post, I am going to tell you the top 5 accessories that can instantly transform your outfit (according to me...not to fashion magazines etc LOL). And I am sure many of these, if not all, you already own! CHOKERS - If you have gotten to know me through Instagram, you know I [...]

Nothing to Wear?!?

You know those days that you just feel you literally have nothing to wear, but have a closet full of clothing? Yup, that's me.... For some reason I have this bad habit of buying things, wearing it once or twice and then feeling like I can't wear it again. I seriously don't know what [...]

My take on Fashion

I see many many times Fashion Bloggers are always very high end / fancy in their posts. For me, Fashion is wearing what I love and feeling comfortable. Honestly, I cannot deal with so many layers, heavy clothing, high heels everyday etc. As you can see from my posts, I'm just a casual every day [...]


Stars are a big trend right now! I am still on a hunt for a cute black shirt with white stars (if you know of any, let me know!). So this beanie is the cutest! Love that it has stars all over it! It is from Accessories by Design (go to previous post for links to [...]