Once school is out and summer starts, we are already thinking of back to school must haves for our little ones. Weird, right? Already thinking of the upcoming school year!

But I am here to share with you back to school must haves for your preschoolers! I have a toddler who will be starting daycare this coming year and these items are perfect for her. So if you have a little one going to daycare or a preschooler, these are the must haves you need to check out!

Back to School Must Haves for Preschoolers

MCubed Backpacks

back to school must haves for preschoolers

Not only are MCubed Backpacks trendy, but they are affordable too!

Most (well, I think all) kids success starts with the right motivation. Having a new backpack to start the year off right, they will be sure to have that motivation. Provide your little one heading into daycare or preschool with a trendy backpack as that’s one of the main essentials for a successful school year!

To get your little one an MCubed Backpack, click HERE.

Bunnies by the Bay

back to school must haves for your preschooler

Have a little one who loves stuffed animals, blankets, lovies? Bunnies by the Bay make the perfect best friend for your little preschooler who needs that sense of comfort when they’re away from you for hours.

These little friends will provide comfort for your little ones all day long!

Check out all the comfort products for your little one from Bunnies by the Bay HERE.


back to school must haves for your preschooler

Need a triple insulated water bottle for your child that will keep their water cold all day long and up to 36 hours? EcoVessel’s FROST kids steel water bottle features their signature TriMax Triple Insulation! It also features an inner silicone straw for tilt free drinking.

With fun prints for boys and girls, they will fit your childs personality. This water bottle is sure to also keep them hydrated all day! Plus, they have other products as seen in the image above! This brand is a must check out for your little ones lunch / drinking products!

To check out EcoVessel, click HERE.

Abby & Finn

back to school must haves for preschoolers

Thanks to the recent pandemic, schools and parents are still taking extra precautions. The Abby and Finn hand sanitizer sprays will help get rid of all the ick while your child is in school. They can keep one in their backpack and use it when needed. Plus, it is also made with only 4 ingredients recommended by WHO and the FDA!

To get your Abby and Finn Sanitizer Sprays, click HERE.

Aquasonic Brush Monster

back to school must haves for preschoolers

Not really a product FOR school, but this Aquasonic Brush Monster is a must for those little ones to get their brushing habits in order. Plus, teeth must be brushed before leaving the house and going to school, am I right?

This is the world’s first augmented reality toothbrush for kids. It is guaranteed to improve their brushing habits by making brushing teeth fun. Real time motion sensor tracks how long they have brushed as well as provides a report for parents to see where their child needs improvement when brushing.

Set healthy habits for a lifetime! And not only that, but they will look forward to brushing their teeth with the points they make with this toothbrush!

To get the Aquasonic Brush Monster, click HERE.

Making Memories Box

Back to school must haves for preschoolers

Many children need to be busy with activities from home even during the school year! Making Memories Box is a monthly curative box of creative supplies and outlined instructions to keep them busy and spark their creativity.

Each box includes 5 main categories: Family Activity, Kids Arts/Crafts, A Game, Kids Activity and a Keepsake.

The Making Memories Box saves the parents the guess work when it comes to figuring out activities for their little one to do.

To get your own Making Memories Box, click HERE.


back to school must haves for preschoolers

Homer helps those ages 0-5 learn through play! Those ages are the most crucial when it comes to learning and brain development. From feelings to numbers and the alphabet, your little one is sure to learn lots prior to entering daycare / preschool with Homer!

My toddler was very excited when we got our package. We opened the numbers one so far and it’s been popular with her. She can even sit for hours on it and gets mad if anyone tries to take it away. The activities they have definitely keep her busy while teaching her at the same time!

To get some Homer products or to learn more, click HERE.

Hope the above products spark your interest for your little one! These back to school must haves for preschoolers are definitely one of a kind and products you probably didn’t think you needed!

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Mommy of 3 girls and I blog about all things Life with kids as well as hints of Fashion and Beauty. If you get to know me, I’m a fun and silly person to be around who loves having a good time. But yes, I have my flaws and suffer from anxiety and want to help others who suffer as well. And when I’m in need of therapy, I turn to shopping. Who doesn’t!?

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