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Now that it’s summer, many of us are doing more outdoor activities. With being outdoors comes things we need, but don’t often think that we need them until we do. Therefore, I rounded up a list of this summers outdoor adventure essentials that you need!

This Summers Outdoor Adventure Essentials

Liquid Bandages from New Skin

Being an adult, wearing bandages isn’t pretty looking. Especially being a female! With Liquid Bandages from New Skin, you can still protect your wounds from potential infections due to minor cuts, scrapes, callouses, blisters or even dry cracked skin.

Liquid Bandages from New Skin is an all in one – it protects, prevents infections, 100% waterproof and heals cuts (thanks to it being enriched with aloe and chamomile). Plus, it kills 99% of germs. Even better, it’s invisible so no one will see it! But don’t worry, it’s flexible and not stiff so it won’t feel tight or uncomfortable.

Liquid Bandages from New Skin also has a sensitive skin version which is hypoallergenic thanks to the new 2021 formula. And my favorite part! It is pain free to remove unlike regular bandages.

Liquid Bandages from New Skin can be purchased on Amazon or at Walmart.

Pamprin Multi-Symptom

this summers outdoor adventure essentials

Let’s be real. Being a woman is great and all, but come that “time of the month,” well… it is not so great. Especially when it comes to being moody and those dreaded cramps, it’s no fun especially during the summer when you’re on your adventures.

Our monthly periods don’t need to come with the discomfort and cramps as well as back-aches, headaches and more thanks to Pamprin Multi-Symptom. It is formulated with 3 active ingredients to give women relief they need and deserve. Periods will not be holding us back this summer!

And let’s not forget the bloating. Pamprin also has a simple diuretic added to their formula that helps relieve that uncomfortable belly bloat. No excuse to not be wearing that summer bathing suit!

If you are one who suffers from PMS, get period relief this summer (as well as all year round!) with Pamprin. Pamprin works to keep all that pain and uncomfortable feelings on the sidelines so that you can enjoy life!

To get yourself Pamrpin, click HERE.

Shampoo from Ultra Swim

this summers outdoor adventure essentials

Are pool days in your summer plans? Ultra Swim Shampoo is made for swimmers to help remove all that unwanted chlorine as well as other chemicals. This is especially true for my kids as summer time means more pool days.

Chlorine as well as other chemical build up happens rather quickly and causes hair to become brittle, dry and unmanageable. Thanks to Ultra Swims shampoo, it will keep your hair clean and healthy after fun days at the pool. And since it is also moisturizing, it is safe to use after each swim!

Oh…one more thing. You know that gross chlorine smell after swimming? Ultra Swim shampoo gets rid of it!

To see where you can purchase an Ultra Swim Shampoo, click HERE.

Energy Stix from 4C

this summers outdoor adventure essentials

Kiss low energy “bye bye” this summer and enjoy all your travel and summer plans!

With Energy Rush Sticks from 4C, you can gain control of your energy. It’s also sugar free so you won’t end up with a sugar crash! I love the fact that it is also lightly carbonated because I am a fizzy drink person.

Energy Rush Sticks from 4C comes in 3 flavors – Berry, Orange and Citrus. Add it to your water, mix and drink! These are perfect to carry around for that “energy on the go” this summer!

To grab some Energy Rush Sticks from 4C, click HERE.

As you can see, these 4 essentials are must haves for your summer outdoor adventures! You just don’t know you’ll need them, until you do. So save yourself the hassle and grab them to have on hand this summer!

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This summers outdoor adventure essentials
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