Party planning isn’t always easy. It can come with a lot of stress and frustration and sometimes, you feel as though you’re at a dead end. Fortunately, BLUEPRINT helps parents create fun celerations by creating a full party plan.

Party planning with BLUEPRINT makes parents’ lives easier when it comes to planning events from birthday parties to graduation parties! Founders Monique Banks and her daughter Ariel Banks Baker are a dynamic duo who have created a downloadable plan and consulting service that is focused on the fun as well as helping parents create an amazing event for their child(ren) starting at just $85.

party planning with blueprint
Monique with her daughter, Ariel

No two children are the same and therefore, no two parties are the same! Monique and Ariel help create a party plan that makes the child feel special on their special day by customizing their one of a kind party plan. Based on the theme selected, BLUEPRINT will include highly specific recommendations for colors, music, high-energy activities, favorite foods and more by focusing on the child’s personality.

BLUEPRINT gives the parents resources to create a DIY magical experience with instructions for activities, decor and food.

Visit their website HERE to learn more!

Q&A with Monique and Ariel
Party Planning with BLUEPRINT

Q:  What drove you both to want to be in the party planning business, especially since we all know how stressful it can be at times?

Monique: For many years I was an editor at Women’s Wear Daily and I loved the excitement of the fashion industry. It is fast paced, requires careful attention to detail, and you get a sense of what excites people.  As I was raising my children, I had the opportunity to put those same skills to work into a new career and opened a children’s birthday party studio.  We created over 3,000 birthday parties with all different themes and no two parties were ever the same.  Over the years, I transitioned into more formal events such as weddings and mitzvahs which, again, used those core skills.  With the launch of BLUEPRINT, a fully customized DIY downloadable party plan, I am bringing all of my skills together and providing access to anyone across the country.  Planning celebrations don’t have to be stressful when you have the right partner to help you along the way.  We have a passion and a love for being a part of life’s joyous occasions.

Ariel: I worked alongside “Mo”, as I like to call my mother Monique, ever since I can remember.  Party planning, whether for an informal child’s birthday party or a wedding has to be special and the best day ever.  We want people to feel the joy of that event whenever they think about it, even years later.  It’s amazing that adults reach out on Facebook and tell us that the party we did for them when they were eight years old was one of the best birthdays they have ever had. It’s an amazing feeling to be part of making a child feel so special and why we love what we do, even if it can be stressful at times.  BLUEPRINT shares our “secret sauce” and we have had a lot of positive feedback.

party planning with blueprint

Q: What is your biggest goal / hope for your online party planning brand, BLUEPRINT?

Ariel: We want every child to be able to have the best party ever, to give them the joy and special feeling they deserve to experience on their birthday. So much of DIY party planning is focused on extravagant party supplies, but that is not what makes the party special. We know that what makes a party amazing are the details. Those details come from the child’s favorite things, favorite music and favorite foods.

Monique: We believe creating happiness for the guests are just as important as for the birthday child. When everyone is having a blast, the birthday child’s joy is boosted. It’s all about high-energy games where there is no one winner or loser.  Parties do not need to be competitions, they should be about inclusivity and feeling good. And when the birthday child’s parents join in the fun, it makes a special day even more special. Our BLUEPRINT plan makes it easy for parents to set-up exactly what their child loves and then enjoy the fun!

Q: What makes BLUEPRINT different from other services? 

Monique: BLUEPRINT is a customized DIY party plan. It’s not a party in a box.  It’s fully customized and no two parties are ever the same because no two children are alike.  Other services offer a core group of themes and every party is the same.  BLUEPRINT customizes the theme, foods, music, high energy games, and provides an easy to use plan.  We’re about making your home party both fabulous and unique, one that people will be talking about for months to come and that the birthday child will remember always.  It’s designed for every type of family, so that any kid can have the birthday party that they have always dreamed about.

Ariel: BLUEPRINT gives families the tools to create a great party. Each plan tells parents exactly what they need to buy, what activities to do with which music, and offers a customized theme that is creative, but not overwhelming.

party planning with blueprint

Q:  Since starting the BLUEPRINT brand, have you seen an interest from people for party planning online?

Monique: Now that the weather is getting warmer and people are getting vaccinated, people are so excited to have parties and celebrate. It’s been a long year and parents feel badly that their kids have been learning from home and were not able see their friends.  A lot of parents don’t feel comfortable hosting a party indoors, so they are looking for alternatives.  There’s been a lot of interest in party planning at home in a backyard.

Ariel: To a certain extent, parents now have a different perspective about what’s important. The intimacy of having a home party feels right after everything we have been through.

Q:  People in the service industry are driven to make clients happy. What are your secrets to ensuring success?

Monique: We have always been focused on creating one-of-a-kind experiences by using all of the wonderful attributes of our client. There are many children who we have done multiple parties for, some of whom we were also honored to plan their weddings.

Our clients trust us because they know we put our entire hearts into making their special day, the most special it could possibly be.

Ariel: After over 3,000 kids parties and thousands of formal events, we know what can make or break an event no matter how big or small.

party planning with blueprint

Q:  Based on all the recommendations for the party BLUEPRINT is planning, are all links to supplies, activities, etc. included for quick ordering?

Ariel: The items in a BLUEPRINT plan are often items that people have at home or easily accessible from major retailers or online.  This is a plan that tells you how to create a fun atmosphere and have a great party.  We provide a guide for shopping, but we want parents to be able to set their own budgets.

Monique:   For us it’s about HOW to make a party fun. The supplies or décor can embellish the BLUEPRINT, but if a parent follows our plan without all of the bells and whistles, the party will still be magical.

Q:  Can you tell us about a memorable moment that people are still talking about from one of your kids’ parties?

Ariel: This happened just this past month.  One of our favorite activities is a marshmallow fight.  The kids were having fun and the parents were watching. All of a sudden, the parents started playing too! They just couldn’t resist!  The guests and parents had an absolute blast. Everyone is still talking about it. That’s what it’s all about!

Q: Where can people create their BLUEPRINT and how long does it take?

Monique: Visitors to the website can select from 27 themed parties for kids ages 3-12 years old including pajama, baseball blitz, beach, camp, color war, tea party, glamour girl, treasure hunt, candy shoppe, and more.   Parents and their child take an entertaining quiz to start the customization process. From there, we review the information and develop a specific blueprint plan just for the child. The process takes three days once the questionnaire is submitted. A plan starts at $85.

party planning with blueprint

This mother and daughter team have taken their party-savvy experience from over 3,000 children’s parties and events and created their online party planning service, BLUEPRINT.

This downloadable plan and consulting service is primarily focused on the child’s party/event. If you’re looking to create a magical day for your child, reach out to Monique and Ariel from BLUEPRINT who can help you plan it hassle free! Party Planning with BLUEPRINT just made your party planning easier!

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Party planning with blueprint
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