With so many beauty products on the market nowadays, it makes it harder to choose which to try, which will work or not, which is more bluff than works and so on. Therefore, I am sharing 6 beauty products to try out NOW.

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Beauty Products to Try Out Now

August and Monroe

Beauty products to try out now

You know how you wake up one morning to the most ugliest and embarrassing zit ever? Whether its on your face, neck, chest…? Yea, those are the days I hate going out because no amount of concealer or foundation will cover the redness.

Thankfully, August and Monroe’s 3-in-1 Blemish Treatment is the holy grail of those downer days! All you do is apply a small amount and rub it in circular motions. Slowly you will see it turn from white to skin color (matching yours!) and completely cover all that nastiness of the zit. Not only that, but it also treats as it covers!

Have no real blemishes to cover but have areas you want to cover such as sun spots or rosacea? August and Monroes 3-in-1 Blemish Treatment will cover that too!

Grab yours today HERE and use code STYLISHMOMMY10 at check-out for 10% off!

Ollie Belle

Beauty products to try out now

Here’s another zit life saver! This is more of a leave on patch that blends in with your skin color, but its purpose is to treat the zit continuously.

The Cover Dot Acne Care is an adhesive which promotes fast healing of pimples, acne and small wounds. It contains Hydrocolloid which which provides a great environment for the pimple to heal as well as regenerate the skin.

And don’t worry, once the dot is applied and at work, you won’t notice you even have it on! Plus it’s waterproof, so just peel, stick on and forget!

To purchase Ollie Belle Cover Dots on Amazon, click HERE. Otherwise, check their website out HERE.


Beauty products to try out now

Spraise has beauty care from body washes, moisturizers to mists and scrubs. Their name comes from being a clean beauty brand as well as ‘Intentional Skin Praise’ = SPRAISE.

Their combination of indulgent texture and inspiring scents leave you feeling relaxed, confident and ready to shine! Spraise believes that each and every one should celebrate their unique beauty as well as encourage other women to do the same.

To check out the amazing products Spraise has to offer, click HERE.

Jerome Alexander

Beauty products to try out now

Are you looking for the best foundation out there? Jerome Alexander has their new MagicMinerals Airbrush Foundation and Oh Em Gee is all I can say! I am usually picky with my foundations as they either leave me feeling heavy faced or cakey.

The MagicMinerals Airbrush Foundation sprays onto the brush and applies so nicely and evenly without feeling like you are wearing makeup. It also doesn’t look like makeup is being worn because of its natural finish and that in my books is a WINNER!

To get the entire MagicMinerals set (it’s a must!), click HERE. To check out their website, click HERE.

Loil Life

Beauty products to try out now

At Loil Life, all ingredients are organic using herbs and essential oils. From face masks to serums and overnight face creams, those wanting to live a more natural lifestyle can know Loil Life Skincare will be beneficial to them.

Worried since something is organic and natural that it won’t work for your skin? Loil Life has different products for different skin types and textures!

To check out Loil Life (as well as their home and baby products!), click HERE.


Beauty products to try out now

DSMD Shop is your one stop shop for makeup sponges as well as cases to hold your sponges. They also have hand makeup palettes for those beauty gurus creating makeup videos, images, etc.

Plus, they’re affordable and work amazing! No need to spend $20 on makeup sponges!

To check out DSMD shop, click HERE.

I hope you found this list of 6 beauty products to try out now helpful! If you purchase any or own any already, would love to hear so in the comments!

And if you want to see other beauty products I have shared and love, click HERE.

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