Daily Habits… We all have them. But are any of them mood boosting?

YUP! There are daily habits to boost your mood. And you may be surprised to find that you already have one of more of these daily habits in your routine already!

Now don’t get me wrong. Setting new habits, especially daily habits to boost your mood may seem hard to keep up with in the beginning. But the more you do them and stick with them, the more they will become second nature and won’t feel like a chore.

I know for me, these 10 daily habits to boost your mood which I am going to share really make an impact on my daily life. And when I don’t do one or some one day, I definitely feel the effects and its no good!

daily habits to boost your mood

10 Daily Habits to Boost Your Mood

1. Make Your Bed!

Yes, and I am serious. I know sometimes it can feel like a chore, especially when you’re in a rush. But making your bed makes your room look put together and in turn, helps you feel put together and organized which impacts your daily mood. Don’t believe me? Start making your bed if you don’t already and let me know how it makes you feel!

2. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Okay, I know this one is one for me that still needs to be worked on. I need to start prepping breakfasts the night before so it is easier on me after I have done carpool runs with the kids.

Eating a healthy breakfast can really affect your mind and mood. After all, breakfast is what is fueling our bodies to tackle the day! So try to prep breakfast the night before so that when morning rolls around, all you have to do it grab it from the fridge and enjoy.

daily habits to boost your mood

3. Open the Blinds or Curtains

This is something I do FIRST THING every day! When the house is dark, I don’t feel productive at all. I always, ALWAYS open up my blinds in the house, let in natural light and if it is not enough, I turn on lights too. I am that person who needs it to be bright and I definitely feel it to be mood boosting.

4. Daily Affirmations

If you don’t do daily affirmations, then get to it. Affirmations can bring in positivity and can set the mood for the day. And if you’re one to journal, then write down your daily affirmations in a journal every morning. Sometimes writing them down on a piece of paper make them feel more real.

daily habits to boost your mood

5. Move Your Body

This one I used to do tons of at the start of the pandemic and I need to get back into it. I would do it first thing after waking up and I would feel so good and refreshed for the rest of the day. Even if its 10 minutes a day, do it. It really does help, especially if you suffer from anxiety (because we all know anxiety is a mood buster).

6. Do More of the Things You Enjoy

Don’t just do things because someone told you to do them. If you don’t enjoy it, let go of it. No need to focus on what you don’t enjoy and stress about it. Rather, focus on the things you do enjoy and do more of them.

This can be anything from simple nightly pampering to cooking or crafts. Think of guilty pleasures, passions, hobbies, indulgences… Anything you enjoy doing is known to boost your mood.

7. Put Your Phone Away

I love being on my phone, but sometimes it can cause me to procrastinate. This is no good because then I am left with more on my to-do list and this is NOT good for my mood – because feeling like I have too much to get done and not enough time to do it all is what stresses me out.

I find that when I put my phone away for some time, it feels great. I feel refreshed. I don’t feel like I am obligated to answer any calls, messages, emails, etc. I find that I feel more free without it as I am not dependent on it when I put it away.

daily habits to boost your mood

8. Go Outside

Yup, staying indoors isn’t always the best for your mood. Sometimes it can make you feel unmotivated to anything which isn’t good. Especially if you work from home.

Getting outside for some fresh air can help you feel recharged. It can also help improve mental health, boost your immune system and elevate your mood. Sometimes, just a 5 minute walk for fresh air when you are feeling stressed can make you feel more relaxed and concentrated again for the rest of the day.

9. Drink Water!

This is something I am STILL working on for myself. I tend to forget to drink, but besides for health reasons, not drinking enough water can also affect your mood. So make sure to get in your 8 cups MINIMUM of water a day, if not more!

daily habits to boost your mood

10. Get Dressed Daily

This has got to be my favorite one. Honestly, when I am not dressed, I feel like a shlump. In turn, that makes my day feel the same… There goes all the motivation out the front door.

Just getting dressed daily and even putting on some makeup to look and feel human can boost your mood for the day. It is crazy how just that plays a huge role!

With these 10 daily habits to boost your mood you will feel like a whole new person daily. You will be motivated. You will be and feel successful. And that is how it SHOULD be every single day!

If you don’t already do any of the above, I suggest you start NOW.

Save for Later, PIN IT!

10 daily habits to boots your mood

Photo Credits: Unsplash | Pixabay

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Mommy of 3 girls and I blog about all things Life with kids as well as hints of Fashion and Beauty. If you get to know me, I’m a fun and silly person to be around who loves having a good time. But yes, I have my flaws and suffer from anxiety and want to help others who suffer as well. And when I’m in need of therapy, I turn to shopping. Who doesn’t!?

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