Being a mom, or parent at that can make life hectic at times. Sometimes you feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day to get things done.

Or maybe you’re a stay at home mom and have your child climbing on you the entire day making it hard to get your tasks done. And then when it’s down time for them, you’re just so exhausted, all you want to do is sit and chill.

I know for me, having a hectic life and being stressed does no good. It just makes the day feel even worse than it actually is. I’m the type of person to over stress about things when they’re tasks that can easily get done. But my stress about it just makes it WORSE. Don’t be like me.

This is why I am listing tips on what to do daily to help YOU feel more productive. Doing these simple things actually helps me and I hope it will help you too!

Tips on being more productive

Tips on Being More Productive

Getting dressed and Applying the Bare Minimum of Makeup

This may seem like it’s hard, but it’s one of those “easy” tips you can actually get done with a little one holding on to your leg.

I find that when I get up in the morning, it I get dressed and do the bare minimum of makeup (eye liner and lip gloss), I feel like my day will go great.

It’s a psychological thing to be honest. If you don’t get dressed and feel good about yourself, then it’s a no brainer your day will go just like that. All it takes is 5 minutes of your morning. Wake up, brush teeth, do your morning skincare routine if you have one {Read more about Skincare Routines HERE} and then get dressed and add some mascara or whatever beauty products makes you feel human.

Tips on being more productive

Make a To-Do List

We’re going back to old school! This is what keeps your day structured.

If you have a lot to get done in one day, make a to-do list either on your phone or on a piece of paper. Whichever you feel works best for you.

For me, I like writing it down. Makes it feel more REAL and that I KNOW it needs to get done. And what’s better is to get this list done nightly so that you’re mentally prepared for the next day.

Keep Your Lists Short and Sweet

Yes, yes… I know. You have a TON on your plate to get done. But remember, no one is perfect and it’s okay if you don’t get through everything.

Other less important things can wait until the more important ones are completed. Or maybe save those less important tasks for when you’re done with the big tasks and have extra time to get it done that day too.

Don’t over do yourself to where you’re drowning with a ton of tasks a day. You’ll get to them, but space them out accordingly throughout the week.

Schedule Out What Needs to Get Done with Specific Times

When making your to-do list, it makes it easier if you schedule times for them.

For example: You have to do laundry, some work from home (for me, blogging), clean out the pantry, grocery shop, etc. – set times for them. For me, I find laundry is easier in the morning because I can put in a load and as I wait for it to be ready to turn over, I can have cleaning the pantry out scheduled.

Even schedule times during your kids nap time. That one hour for nap times is LOT OF TIME to get things done.

Tips on being more productive

Clear Your Mind Mentally

Boy oh boy is this something I have to do and struggle with.

Dealing with stress or anxiety during the day really puts you off schedule and causes some unwanted procrastination going on.

Work on mentally shutting down your brain from any negativity and stress. Trust me, this helps! Of course sometimes it’s not easy to do, but I keep practicing this method and I am sure you can get through it too!

Some ideas to help is jot down in a journal your negative thoughts or worries and close it for the day. Chat with a friend or family member that helps you calm down. I’m sure there is something that you can do or already do to help you mentally shut out the bad stuff.

Keep a Routine

Having a similar routine daily is best. You don’t want your days to differ each day. This will cause your brain to go mush.

Try to have a daily routine in place for tasks and things to get done. Keeping things at similar hours daily to get done will help things feel less stressful.

15 Minutes Each Evening

We all just want to collapse on the couch once we get the kids to bed and chill. But trust me, all you need is 15 minutes!

I like to make sure the kitchen is clean as well as organization in the living room and play area. 15 minutes should be enough to quickly get things cleaned and put away.

If you organize the night before, when you wake in the morning, you won’t have added tasks and chores needing to get done which can cause more stress!

Aim for Daily Laundry

This is one I’m still practicing!

I have found when I do daily laundry, they’re smaller, less to fold and less to put away. It also is quicker to get done!

If not, I find myself doing several large loads and at that point, I don’t want to even start to thinking of folding everything and then having it put away.

Tips on being more productive

Get Out of the House!

Yes you have tasks to get done, but you need some breathing time too. Even just for a half hour.

Maybe take a walk to put the baby or toddler to sleep. Or go to a local coffee shop and pick up a coffee. Just getting out of the house can help you feel human again and recharged in order to get your tasks waiting for you at home get completed.

Get Your Family To Help

There has got to be a daily task you have to get done that can be done by other members of the family. For me, getting help from my kids and husband are a must.

For instance, laundry. I’ll put the load in and fold it. I get my older daughters when they’re home from school to put it all away. This is WHY we give our kids chores besides for teaching them about responsibilities. {Need some Chore Ideas? Read this post about Age Appropriate Chores for Kids HERE}

Don’t Try to Multi-Task

This is my main issue! I’ll go and do a task I have to get done and then in the middle try to do another task.

Do NOT get caught up in more than one task at a time. This will leave you feeling more stressed and less accomplished because you’re feeling like you have way too much on your plate.

So there you have it! Some easy tips for being productive daily when you feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to get through everything.

Of course I still struggle and take on my tips, but that’s okay. We’re human! With time, we’ll get the hang of it! Do you have any tips that I haven’t mentioned or tried? Let me know in the comments!

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